Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New Brand Alert - JN Beauty

I recently won a Twitter competition for a new beauty brand I recently discovered, JN Beauty. I've been swatching and trying their products and here are my top products...

First up, an incredibly soft deep plum eyeliner. It looks pretty much like black but gives a slightly softer look.

Next a lipstick, lip gloss and lip glaze (top to bottom) - something for everyone!

The lip glaze (bottom one) is super sparkly as the name suggests so definitely one for the evening. I love the lipstick and lip gloss - they stay put, moisturise lips and are pigmented enough to give you the colour you want without being too in your face.

This is one of their eyeshadow palettes which looks beautiful and has three eyeshadow brushes which is great as one is just never enough - a very good idea.

As you can see, not the most pigmented eyeshadows but very blendable and good for day wear. The top two take quite a lot of shadow to produce any colour. The bottom three are better, obviously being darker. The pigment is the only downside, these are definitely colours I would wear day and night.

Finally, their Sheer Glo Illuminating Lotion.

The first thing I would say is you definitely don't need a lot of this! One pump gives a lot of lotion:

A small dab on your cheekbones would be all you need. It is very pretty in different lights as you can see. This is the pink lotion but they have other varieties for different skin tones.

Check out the full range here


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