Tuesday, 11 February 2014

PRAI Gemstone Caviar Serum

If you've never come across Prai before, which I hadn't until fairly recently, then have a Google. Currently available on QVC in the UK, it is a range of gorgeous-sounding skincare. I tried their caviar serum.

It has seven (yes, seven!) precious gemstones in it to provide radiance, plus a triple matrixyl system which boosts all-important collagen, meaning wrinkles and fine lines are targeted. The gemstones include diamond, amethyst, tourmaline, ruby, pearl and coral. Wowzers!

I hope you can see from this pic how sparkly and luminous the serum itself is. That'll be the gemstones! It goes onto the skin beautifully, sinks in quickly, and it definitely makes skin more radiant instantly.

In terms of wrinkles, I didn't notice any massive difference to be honest, but this may be targeted for older women than me. Even so, I really enjoyed using this serum.

You would think with all the fancy ingredients it would be fairly expensive, but it's actually just £33.50 from QVC - a bargain in my view!


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