Friday, 28 February 2014

Hot and Not


Cowshed at Selfridges - opening officially tomorrow, Cowshed spa is now in the Beauty Workshop section of Selfridges. I popped down for a quick lunchtime massage this week and it was a great treat - gorgeous big fluffy towels, perfect masseuses and even TVs if you want to zone out to that. Get booked in for a shopping pit-stop now!

Cheeky SS14 Collection - love, love, love the Cheeky Spa in Shoreditch (a must if you're in London) - had the BEST nail art there. This week they announced their Sugar and Spice collection for SS14. Available next month, Flirt-ini neon pink looks to be my fave

MAC and Sharon and Kelly Osbourne - yes this is happening. MAC is the ultimate beauty brand for celeb collaborations and this is the latest one announced this week. Excited to see the colours, but we'll have to wait til June unfortunately...


Hand Cream as Face Cream - a story came out this week that it's perfectly OK to use hand cream on your face. I'm sure nothing awful would happen if you did but it caused quite a furore on Twitter. Surely hand cream is a bit too heavy for the face? I'd rather use face cream to be honest

OPI Muppets Collection - I love the Muppets, I love nail polish. But I feel this collaboration is one step too far…maybe it's just me. The collection launches 12th March

Rebecca Adlington Nose Job - I really hope having done this, she feels happier about herself but I found this story quite sad. She broke down on I'm a Celeb telling people about the comments she gets from the public about her looks every day. Easier said than done, but tell them to F**k off Rebecca!

Do you agree with this week's Hot and Not?


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The CEW Demonstation Evening

The CEW Awards are the Oscars of the beauty industry, and last night was the 'screening'. 200 beauty brands speaking to 800 CEW members about their amazing products in the hope they will win one of the prestigious awards. As a member, it is a great night! I discovered so many great new brands as well as cult classics which are always fun to discuss. 

This year they changed the format where you got given a goody bag at the end rather than scrabble for products throughout the night. Much better, much friendlier, and you still got an incredible bag! Take a look…

I shall be going through all of these, as I have to vote by 24th March - I better get cracking! I'll let you know my faves as I work my way through this delightful lot.


Monday, 24 February 2014

NEW Barry M Silk Nail Polish in Mist

Last week I tried the first of the Barry M Silk collection, Meadow, a pastel green which I loved. This week is the turn of Mist, a pearly baby blue.

Perfect for a Spring day like today, I love blue nails anyway so this was always going to be a winner for me. This is after two coats and it dries super fast. 

I'm very tempted to get more of the range...

£3.99 (but at Buy One Get One Half Price at the moment) from Superdrug


Monday, 17 February 2014

NEW Barry M Silk Nail Polish in Meadow

I was so excited about these coming out! I thought I had to wait until this week when they hit Boots stores, but they actually launched into Superdrug last Wednesday!! I had to stop myself buying them all so I just got two (currently buy one get one half price!) First up, the pale shimmery green Meadow.

It is a gorgeous pale shimmery mint green. Very nice for Spring! Two coats is enough and it lasts really well. Being a pastel shade, it is quite low maintenance should a chip appear. Result!

Pretty pretty pretty. The silky shimmer is very subtle but looks great in the sun (when there is any). I'm a huge fan of this already. Go check out the range £3.99 each here


Friday, 14 February 2014

What's Hot; What's Not



NARS and Phillip Lim - this collaboration was announced during the week and I'm very excited to see the nail collection. Not available until August unfortunately, but there will be nine shades. Looking forward to it!

Michael Kors NYFW AW14 - how pretty. I love this natural beauty look created at the Michael Kors show this week. Bring on Autumn...

OPI and Coca-Cola - not really sure about this but put it in Hot as it has two huge brands collaborating together. Just announced today, drinks such as Diet Coke, Fanta and Cherry Coke will be the inspiration behind a new nail polish collection. Can't wait to see it


Sleeping in Make-Up - no, no, no. The Daily Mail this week recommended certain products for women to sleep in so that their partners don't have to see them make-up free in the morning. The horror. Don't worry about the damage to your skin, men can't bear to see women au natural…PLEASE don't do it!

Cornrows - one of the beauty trends from NYFW I won't be trying!

Valentine's Beauty - it seems everything this week has been linked in some tenuous way to Valentine's Day. Exercise classes, homeware, and every single beauty product ever invented. Over it.

What's been Hot and Not for you this week?


Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm

A cold/rain/wind essential to keep lips hydrated and looking good. A nipple balm I hear you say?! Why yes. 100% ultra pure lanolin, it is a blessing for lips as well as potentially nipples, cuticles, elbows, eczema, any dry skin. 

It's a little tube (15ml) but believe me a little goes a long way. I find some lip balms don't really do anything, other than make you want to keep putting more on. But with this you can feel it helping dry, chapped and sore lips. 

It also gives lips a slight sheen but is not tacky or sticky in any way. The worst thing is getting hair stuck to your lips, especially in this wind. I got this in the You magazine advent calendar but I would definitely buy it as it is so versatile - a true multi-tasker. £11.50 from SpaceNK


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

PRAI Gemstone Caviar Serum

If you've never come across Prai before, which I hadn't until fairly recently, then have a Google. Currently available on QVC in the UK, it is a range of gorgeous-sounding skincare. I tried their caviar serum.

It has seven (yes, seven!) precious gemstones in it to provide radiance, plus a triple matrixyl system which boosts all-important collagen, meaning wrinkles and fine lines are targeted. The gemstones include diamond, amethyst, tourmaline, ruby, pearl and coral. Wowzers!

I hope you can see from this pic how sparkly and luminous the serum itself is. That'll be the gemstones! It goes onto the skin beautifully, sinks in quickly, and it definitely makes skin more radiant instantly.

In terms of wrinkles, I didn't notice any massive difference to be honest, but this may be targeted for older women than me. Even so, I really enjoyed using this serum.

You would think with all the fancy ingredients it would be fairly expensive, but it's actually just £33.50 from QVC - a bargain in my view!


Monday, 10 February 2014

NOTW: Soap & Glory Pink Soda

This week's nails are a pretty pastel pink courtesy of Soap & Glory. Called Pink Soda, I got this polish in their Christmas 'I'm Your Manicure' giftset.

I believe it's the only nail polish they do, and the colour Pink Soda is their brand colour which makes sense.

Being so pale this needed three coats to build up to a noticeable shade. It's very pretty and subtle. I don't think it's my kind of polish but if you like pale pinks this is great.

Not for me, but that's a completely personal opinion. The polish itself is good quality, lasts well and is quick drying. Maybe they will bring out more shades!


Friday, 7 February 2014

What's Hot; What's Not



Revlon Perfumerie Nail Polish - Revlon are taking nail polish to the NEXT LEVEL. There will be 20 shades in this collection, all with various scents. Three 'fragrance families' include Fruit & Floral, Sweet & Spice and Fresh. This is one of those things where you think, why has nobody done this properly before? Each polish will be £6.49 (pretty reasonable I think) from March at Boots online

Rihanna VIVA GLAM for Mac - this launched yesterday at counters and online, how gorgeous does this lipstick (£15) look? Plus the full RRP (minus VAT) goes towards people affected by AIDS/HIV. Take a look here 

Christie Brinkley Turns 60 - how is this woman 60 this week? She looks AMAZING. I need to know her secret…she claims she hasn't had any work done. I'm not so sure about that, but she does look incredible, more like 40 than 60


Madonna Skincare - her face is pumped full of botox, I don't think I really want her skincare. It will be called MDNA Skin, launching on 12th February. 

Wind-Ravaged Skin - my skin does not like this weather. I have quite sensitive skin, so the wind makes me cheeks go bright red :-( Have been applying 8 Hour Cream constantly for instant relief

Teen Plastic Surgery - did anyone see the Venezuela programme last night? I've never been, but certainly in Argentina I noticed a lot of plastic surgery. It's quite the norm. However, when teens are doing it just to win a beauty pageant, I feel it's gone a little too far…

What do you think?


Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Neal's Yard Lengthening Mascara

When I think of Neal's Yard I think special potions and lotions of natural goodness for my skin. I don't really think of cosmetics, but Neal's Yard have a full make-up range, completed with their newest addition of Lengthening Mascara!

They have spent months designing the formula, brush, etc to be the very best it can be. It has been clinically proven to lengthen lashes by 85% and contains a whopping 78% of organic ingredients. 

I love my mascara. Along with concealer, it's my make-up essential I have to wear to leave the house. I have quite curly lashes so no need for any torturous looking eyelash curlers. But it does mean I often find mascara smudges on my top eyelid which are very annoying. Thankfully this mascara stays put which is a Godsend!

Here is me before (ignore the mess in the background):

And after…

It's a very natural look. Don't expect to have a false lash effect many mascaras promise, but for a beautiful day-time look this is wonderful. Plus it has lots of goodness inside to nourish your lashes at the same time as making them look great.

£16 from here


*PR sample

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Seams Hand Cream

During Winter, and especially on days like today, my hands get so dry. One of my New Years resolutions is to actually use hand cream more often as I tend to forget and I also don't want old women hands!

Welcome, Seams hand cream…

For a hand cream, this promises a lot. It mends, moisturises, softens, soothes, protects, fades age spots, calms sore skin, strengthens nails, conditions cuticles and is non-greasy. Phew! That's a lot to live up to.

So did it? Well yes, yes it did. I admit I didn't notice my nails were particularly stronger, and I don't really have age spots to fade just yet, but then rest of it - hell yes! The cream itself smells quite medicinal which is strangely satisfying - you know you're putting goodness into your hands. That will be all the natural ingredients it contains including macadamia oil, shea butter and garden cress.

It is a beautiful, incredibly effective, no-nonsense hand cream. And I suggest you get one now. Only £9.50 from here


*PR sample

Monday, 3 February 2014

NOTW: Essie Where's My Chaffeur

My Spring pastel nail obsession continues! Instead of blue like last week I've gone for a gorgeous mint green courtesy of essie.

Pretty pretty pretty. I love this shade so much, it's looked great in the sun over the weekend. And it's lasted really well. So far no chips…

I got this as part of the essie mini Winter collection 2013, a full size one is £9.95 from look fantastic 

What nails are you rocking this week?