Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Vietnam Beauty

So I've just returned from 3 weeks travelling around Vietnam and Cambodia. AMAZING. Go. Immediately.

I was interested to see what their beauty products were like. As with most of Asia, whitening is the big thing over there. Every single moisturiser, body wash, etc says whitening. 

They want to be white, white, white. Not so much in Cambodia, but Vietnam certainly - staying out of the sun is imperative and these products help remove any tan people may have got.

Another big thing is collagen. I saw signs for collagen tea, coffee, as well as so many boxes of collagen pills in various strengths.

Also, one brand I came across in Cambodia and absolutely loved is called bodia. All natural, everything is made in Cambodia.

As with most Asian beauty brands it's not just about the beauty. Wellbeing is more important and all these products have both beauty and health benefits. The Miraculous Herbal Balm smelt amazing packed with different herbs and spices

Rice is everywhere as you can imagine, and they make use of it as a natural exfoliant in their products with different local scents such as Kaffir lime and coffee.

Currently they are just in Cambodia but with an online shop coming soon (not sure how much shipping would be though). Check them out here

I found it all very interesting and whilst I won't be going for whitening products (already white enough!) I would be interested to see if the collagen pills actually do anything, plus I'm a big fan of natural beauty so glad to see this is important all over the world!


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