Monday, 6 January 2014

Quick Cleansing - Guest Post

Today I've got something special for you whilst I'm away. Jemma from The Name of Beauty has kindly written a guest post - enjoy!
Hi there! My names Jemma and I blog over at The Name Of Beauty! I was excited when Christina asked for guest bloggers so I got to work on my post pretty quickly and here it is!
As soon as the weather turns colder I get a bit lazy. The second I get home I look for the quickest way to get my make-up off, get into pjs and wrap myself in a little cocoon in my duvet. I've been doing it for a few weeks now so I like to consider myself a pro at it. Here are the products that get reached for when I'm feeling that extra bit lazy.
I go through Bioderma like no ones business. It's gentle but at the same time gets rid of make-up in a flash and feels just like water on the skin. Sometimes I'll just soak this on a cotton pad, sweep it across my face and be done with it (I may go to beauty jail for that one) You can get your own off eBay for around £10 but I know La Roche Posay and L'Oreal do their own take on a micellar water which are exactly the same and also on the cheaper side!
If I'm wearing a waterproof mascara or just a bit more make-up than usual I'll call upon my L'Oreal Cleansing Oil. Massaged onto dry skin this oil dissolves make-up in seconds - literally. Buffed off with a hot flannel and it's pyjama time. The oils also helps to hydrate and make my skin feel a bit more plump and it's a bargain at £7.99 (but if you're quick it's currently only £5 at boots!) If you want to see my full review on the cleansing oil have a look here -
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