Friday, 13 December 2013

What's Hot; What's Not

Here are the best and worst beauty news snippets from the week


Beyonce - love her, after today love her even more. Also so many different beauty looks in her new videos, I especially love this one. Cannot wait to download this!

Sleek Garden of Eden Palette - simply gorgeous. Wearable colours, launching in February at £7.99.

Natural Beauty Market Growing - a report came out this week by Kline stating that the natural beauty market has grown by 10.6% worldwide. I definitely think natural beauty is becoming more mass-market and something  most women are concerned about, not just tofu-eating, green tea-drinking yoga bunnies! A step in the right direction in my opinion...


Made in Chelsea perfume - I love reality TV, always watch the show, but do I think the cast must smell amazing and so must buy a perfume with the show's name on? Erm, no.

Chloe Sims Tanning - another reality star, another fake tan. Over. It.

Fog Hair - this horrible fog this week meant I left the house looking decent and arrived at work with a frizzy ball of hair :-(


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  1. Good round up :) Beyonce is unstoppable!