Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Neal's Yard Afternoon Tea - New Organic Teas for 2014!

I recently went to the launch of the new Neal's Yard organic teas. Apologies for the rubbish quality photos (taken with my rubbish Blackberry)

It was a gorgeous afternoon tea with treats flavoured with teas, plus centrepieces with all the natural ingredients used in the new teas. How pretty is it?

I learnt so much! Including that Echinacea is a pretty pink flower! The power of all the natural herbs and flowers is pretty amazing. Obviously if you have support your immune system, or pick up your energy, with a natural tea rather than pills you would much rather do that. Neal's Yard have been selling loose teas for ages but decided to package them into teabags from January. Much easier to take to work, holiday, etc I think you'll agree.

There are nine new teas in total for every mood or condition possible, even including one that helps with hayfever!! Can't wait to try that one next Spring. Each one has been blended by their expert herbalists, and I met a couple of them - they really do know everything you could possibly need to know when it comes to herbs, flowers, etc. Their knowledge was very impressive.

If you like herbal tea you'll love this premium quality with a great value price-tag range of teas.

Each box will be £2.99 for 18 sachets.