Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Rituals New Laughing Buddha Range

A few months ago I was invited to check out the new range from Rituals. The Laughing Buddha range aims to evoke feelings of optimism, good luck, positivity and a touch of happiness to everyday life - what's not to love?! The range also taps into my slight obsession with buddhas...

With oranges and spices everywhere at the launch you can guess the main scents in this new range

Every product smelt amazing. Zingy, citrus-y goodness, these products are especially good to wake you up in the morning (even more important during these dark mornings). However, they don't just smell good, they do good too!

First up we have the Touch of Happiness Body Cream. It's quite a thick, rich cream but it sinks in very quickly, and this means you don't need to use very much so the tub lasts a long time - always have to think of the value of the product. Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood are the main fragrances in this pot of velvety goodness. Light, fresh, yet deeply moisturising it's a great body lotion, especially for someone with dry skin like myself.

This is £17 from here 

The Happy Mist is a bed and body mist. Just the name brings a smile to my face. The main scents in this one are Mandarin and Yuzu (I had to Google what this is - a citrus fruit from East Asia!)

It has been formulated so that it won't stain any of your bedding and is alcohol-free so won't irritate your skin at all. Because of the citrus scent, I found it's not really a 'night time' fragrance - too zingy when you want to sleep. But to spray it on your bed in the morning and let it waft around your room means your bedroom and bed smell gorgeous throughout the day. It's also a nice, fresh body fragrance. £16.50 from here

Also in the range is a body scrub, shower oil and foam, and anti-perspirant. A beautiful range made for mornings!


*PR samples

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