Monday, 14 October 2013

NOTW: Gloss and Polish

This week's nails are by a professional. Rather than my own, slightly awful, free hand, a trained manicurist has painted my nails this week.

Gloss and Polish is a new service in London. They only just started a few months ago, and initially they would only come to you if you live in the Kensington area (I wish!). However, demand is really high and they have widened the circle to include most places in London. If you're near a tube, you are probably in luck.

Their therapists come to your home, where you can relax and not have to worry about wearing flip flops during winter so your pedicure doesn't get ruined! It's a luxury but worth every penny in my opinion.

I plumped for a classic deep red on my fingers, and a deep blue on my toes. I shall spare you any feet shots though. They only carry Essie at the moment but that was fine by me - I love Essie shades!

They provide a water-less mani or pedi which I'd never had before. They say it is a lot more hygienic and eco-friendly but the best part for me was less fuss. Getting a bowl of water to put your hands or feet in, then all the towels was a lot easier without all of that.

It costs £50. Check out their site and book your own at-home pampering at 


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