Tuesday, 15 October 2013

New Mary Kay at Play

I have to be honest here and say that I hadn't heard of Mary Kay before they got in touch about their new make-up range. It's an Avon-type beauty company in that they have 'Mary Kay ladies' selling their products around the globe. The company is massive so quite surprised I hadn't heard of them before.

Their new Mary Kay at Play range is targeted at the younger audience and, as the name suggests, it's all about having fun with your make-up. There are plenty of different colours - check them all out here

I got an eyeshadow pencil, lip gloss, and eyeshadow trio to play with. First up, the eyeshadow pencil. I think this is my favourite one. Called In the Navy, I'm sure you can guess the shade. 

In the shade:

And the sun:

You could use this as more of a chunky eyeliner which I've been doing, on the upper lid and then blending out. It's easy to blend but doesn't smudge too much once set. A definite winner for me.

Next up the lip gloss...

Called Teddy Bare, it really is barely there. A nude gloss it's great for everyday. My only issue is that it doesn't last too well, but then my glosses do have to put up with me drinking endless cups of tea!

Finally we have the Tuxedo eyeshadow trio.

A great kit to have for a smokey eye

I think you can see in the last picture the sparkle this has. As an everyday look it's too much for me, but for Christmas or a big night out it would work well, with the highlighter taking years off you - result!

These are all very affordable too. The eyeshadow pencils are £7.50, lip glosses are £7.50 and eyeshadow trios are £8. If you don't have a Mary Kay lady nearby, then you can buy them online at Check out all their other ranges whilst you're there!


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