Friday, 13 September 2013

What's Hot, What's Not



NYFW - top trends we've seen from the first of the Fashion Weeks this month includes orange lips, blue eyeshadow, radiant skin and stripey nail art. Love the excitement of new trends!

Selfridges Elle Beauty Box - I want it, I need it, I have no money til payday which is Monday...let's hope it's still in stock next week. £125 worth of products for £30, here is what is included...

Get yours here 

Benefit's New Flagship Boutique - it opened this week to much excitement. At this beauty wonderland you can have your brows, lashes, hair and nails all pampered whilst you sip on pink champagne. Go check it out here


Joey Essex fragrances - oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Not content with his hair care range, Joey Essex has branched into male and female fragrance. That's right, female fragrance too. Called My Girl for women, and Fusey for men. Plus, what is this outfit?!

The weather - officially Autumn and I'm loving berry lips, nails, etc but what I'm not loving is the drizzly fine rain we've been having all week. My hair can't cope

Wanting a model body - a survey came out this week stating that most people aspire to have a model figure, with the top parts being the stomach and legs. With only the tiniest percentage of the population actually having this figure, it just sets people up for failure, disappointment and hating themselves. A more realistic goal would be much healthier. I know I will never be stick thin but then I wouldn't want to be. I definitely want to get more toned and fitter but no matter how much I tried I could never have small legs...just something I have had to accept.

Not sure:

Matte nails - one of the trends to come out of NYFW for next season. I can't make up my mind about it yet

Most excitingly, LFW starts today. The best time to be in this city!


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