Monday, 1 July 2013

NOTW: Ciate Cookies & Cream Caviar

This was free with last month's Marie Claire which a friend gave to me. I've tried Ciate caviar polishes before (see the Jubilee one here) and although they are fiddly it's a very cool look.

This one includes a nude polish with gold, white, clear and iridescent caviar pearls. I'm not really a fan of nude nails (I get too bored) so adding some jazzy beads is great! I wouldn't do the caviar look on all nails, as that might look a bit full on, but I really like it as an accent nail.

The problem with the caviar manicure is that the durability is awful so don't expect this to last long. I have to confess I took it off after one day as some beads had fallen off and it was annoying me. More of a Nail of the Day rather than Week! For a night out though, it's perfect.

If you fancy giving it a go, take a look at the full Ciate caviar range here


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