Friday, 7 June 2013

What's Hot and Not

This week celeb fragrances galore, cool nail shades, plus pros and cons of this weather...


Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street - Emerald is the official colour is 2013 and Nails Inc have created this beautiful looking emerald shade which has just launched. Also, til Sunday, you receive a free express manicure when you have a pedicure - perfect for getting your nails looking fab in this sun!

Fake tan - I'm going to be trying some new fake tan over the next few weeks, but as I've got older, I'm more aware of my sun damage and that if I can get a good glow out of a bottle, I should go for that over baking in the sun. So far, I've discovered Lauren's Way is soon.

Charlotte Tilbury's own make-up line - launching September, this is sure to fly off the shelves. Charlotte is such a respected make-up artist, having been in the business for years, and knows her stuff when it comes to make-up. To be sold exclusively at Selfridges, I can't wait to see it!


One Direction perfume - launched last night, called Our Moment, it kind of makes me want to vom in my mouth...

Katie Price perfume - it's been a celeb perfume bonanza this week! Katie Price is launching Kissable...somebody is going to have to pass me a bucket. Who buys this stuff??

Hayfever - it's hit me hard this week. Yes I love the sun, but I don't like the running eyes and nose I get, meaning my eyeliner gets either rubbed away, or smudges and makes me look reeeeeally tired!

Other things I've not been liking - Frankie Sandford's long hair, Ciate doing denim nails (bit late to the party), and people ruining Selfridges!

Let me know if you agree, and what your Hot and Not is this week,


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