Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Vitamin K Cream Update

So 6 weeks ago I started using a Vitamin K cream morning and night to try to combat my small spider veins on my cheeks. Take a look here

I've made sure that I've used it religiously, even putting more on my cheeks when I remember. I've given it the full 6 weeks which they recommend and...nothing. No difference whatsoever. 

This is how my cheek looked before I started using the cream

And here is how it looks now

Apart from being a bit more tanned there is no difference between the pictures. So disappointing. I wasn't expecting them to completely disappear but I thought the cream would do something at least. Make them smaller or fainter...anything.

So the moral of the story is that vitamin K creams do not work on spider veins. I think proper light therapy is the way forward, and probably the only thing that will deliver results.

Back I go to Google...


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