Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash

This was in my Selfridges summer beauty box and has become a firm favourite already. Tangle Teezer are so well known for their effective detangling brushes that most people probably own one. But this is the latest design which can be used whilst in the shower, on holiday in the pool, at the beach, wherever there is water. Great for the summer.

It was originally created for professionals in salons but has now made it onto the high street and comes in black, blue, green or the girly bright pink I've got. The main difference to the normal tangle teezers is that it is hollow so water can run through it and not get mouldy (eurgh), and you can also put you hand inside to use it easily.

Tangle Teezer say it should be used in the shower to evenly distribute shampoo and conditioner through the hair. At home, I tend to just use it once I'm out of the shower, but this would be great on holiday. My hair tends to get really dry from the pool or sea so I use a lot of conditioner and this would be great to do that without hurting my scalp.

A great addition to your suitcase! I recommend you get one, especially if you have long hair.

Available for £13.99 at Boots here


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  1. i love the original one, i should probs get this one for my holidays!x