Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Shower Essential!

Imperial Leather are known for their fantastic shower and bath gels. However they have just launched a new, improved formula which is richer, thicker and 'twice as creamy'!

I don't know about you but I hate using a shower gel which doesn't lather up, it feels like it doesn't do anything. Much disappointment. So I've always liked Imperial Leather for their instant bubbles. And this new version is even better!

It is really thick (I'll spare you any shower pics!), so you don't need much to get a lather to use all over your body. The new version also has 5 times more skin conditioner in it which makes it even better. I always have to put body lotion on after a shower or bath as my skin gets quite dry and tight, but this shower gel means I don't need so much of it.

This is the Citrus Burst shower gel which smells really fruity with lime and kiwi in there. Great to get you going in the morning, it's a subtle scent compared to the 'grab you by the balls' Original Source-type shower gels. 

Overall a lovely product, it's only £1.89 from Tesco - go go go!


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