Thursday, 6 June 2013

NEW! Q Bodyspray

This is a new brand to bridge the gap between a bodyspray and a perfume. Q researched the market and found that most people think of bodysprays as quite a young thing (think of buying Impulse at Boots when you were 13!), but that women would like to use one still. Along comes Q, a high-end, more sophisticated body spray. Not sure why it's called Q though...

These can be used on their own, or to enhance your perfume, or I tend to use mine when I feel my perfume has faded through the day. There are three women's fragrances - Awe, Radiance and Balance. I went for Radiance as it is the floral fragrance which I like. Awe is more citrus-based and Balance is fruity. 

It smells really floral, with the main scents being rose and orchid. The scent is very light though, not heavy at all, but perfect for this lovely weather we're having! I would really recommend this as a 'top-up' to your perfume you put on in the morning.

At only £2.29 from Sainsbury's and Boots, this is an absolute bargain! There are also male fragrances in the range. Check them out here


*PR sample

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