Thursday, 27 June 2013

Molton Brown Blissful Templetree Bath & Shower

A perfect bath time treat! I used this last night and it smells beautiful. It is another goodie from the Selfridges summer beauty box (slowly working my way through it all).

You know you're getting quality when it comes to Molton Brown. The price point means I often don't use their products (only if I get them as a gift!) Templetree is usually known as frangipani, and this also contains jasmine and patchouli so it smells really exotic.

You also get quality bubbles with this. One of my bugbears is pouring bath gel in, the bubbles form, and then when you get in they all vanish. But not with this! It can be used in the shower or bath.

Overall a great product, although the price probably means it's a treat rather than an everyday product.

This is £18, check it out here


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