Friday, 10 May 2013

Tweezerman and Alessandro Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to an event with two great brands last week. Tweezerman needs no introduction but I didn't know much about Alessandro.

There were eyebrow consultations taking place during the evening. Having really light and quite fine eyebrows I tend to neglect them but I'm looking forward to trying my tweezerman and hopefully achieve a nicer arch!

I also didn't realise the scope of Tweezerman products. I think most people think of them as simply tweezers, but did you know they also have eyelash curlers, mirrors, nail files and nail clippers?! Me neither.

Their expert told us to always ALWAYS follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. Otherwise you could look an absolute mess! She also said a slanted and a pointed tweezer was all you would ever need. Finally, big brows are set to stay. Next season will still be all about Cara's dominant brows. I need to try to make mine grow!

Also on display at the event at The Groucho Club was Alessandro, a German nail polish company. Their new product is called Striplac, and is a gel polish which you apply at home, and simply peels off after an average of 10 days, rather than having to faff about with soaking or needing to visit a salon to remove them.

They had these colours on display but announced the range will expand to 99 colours so a very comprehensive selection. To be honest I'm not sure this is something I would use at home. I often pick at my nails when I'm bored/tired/worried so I'd be a bit concerned that I would peel it off without thinking.

They also do regular polish which I'm excited to try. Here is their amazing wall of polishes!


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