Friday, 10 May 2013

Hot and Not


Life's Beauty Luxuries - a survey came out this week stating life's top pleasures. At number 9 is having a massage which I completely agree with. It doesn't get much better than that for me! At number 10 is a glossy mag, then 17 is a new nail varnish. Yes yes and yes! Glad to hear the rest of the country are in agreement

Selfridges drive-thru - now you can pick up your beauty products without even leaving your car! Fast food, fast fashion, now fast beauty! I'm dubious about how many people will use it but you have to admire the innovation. See more details here 

Scotch Nail Art - I love nail art but wish I had a steadier hand and maybe more confidence to try out intricate designs. Scotch have come to the rescue this week and have some video tutorials using their tape to give you fool-proof step-by-steps. Check them out here


Apprentice Beauty - the eyebrows, the blusher, the eye shadows...what was going on?! Giving businesswomen a bad rep, you don't need to look like a Barbie girl to get ahead!!

Geordie Shore tan - you do wonder what took them so long! One of the Geordie Shore cast has launched their own range of male and female fake tan. Jay Gardner has cleverly named it Jay Tan - wonder how long it took to come out with that!

Bizarre eye make-up - it's one way to stand out on the red carpet I suppose but January Jones and Ginnifer Goodwin took things a little too extreme at the Met Ball. Will you be copying this look?!


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