Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dr. Nick Lowe Morning and Night!

Happy hump day everyone!

I've been using both Dr. Nick Lowe Super Charged Day Cream and the Lift & Repair Night Cream in my skincare routine for over a month now.

This is the first time I've used any Dr. Nick Lowe products (I got these from the CEW demonstration evening) but overall I'm really impressed and would use more of his range.

The day cream is part of the Anti-Ageing range and has SPF 15, vitamins A, C and E, shea butter, pomegranate and raspberry, and ferulic acid so you can see why they call it super-charged! It is a really light cream which sinks into the skin straight away. The shea butter also means it hydrates really well. You don't need much to cover your skin, neck and decollete so the 50ml tub lasts a long time. It is priced at £17.49 so a really good high street moisturiser packed with great ingredients using the big guy's expert knowledge!

The night cream is from the Secret is Out range which is a bit more premium. It is a thicker consistency which you would expect from a night cream, and so I felt you needed to use more of the product. It does feel luxurious and I loved the texture, though it may be a bit thick if you have oily skin. It contains sodium hylaronate to hydrate and keep moisture in the skin so perfect for me! This one is priced at £27.99 so still not that expensive. This product won the CEW award for Best New Everyday Facial Skincare Product and I can see why people voted for it.

The top one is the day cream, bottom is the night cream, hopefully you can see the difference in the weight and textures of the creams.

I think the Dr. Nick Lowe products are a great combination of high street prices with great knowledge and research behind them, meaning you don't pay extortionate prices to get good results. The range is similar to Indeed Labs in that respect. Well worth a try.

The entire Dr. Nick Lowe range is available at Boots, take a look here


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