Tuesday, 14 May 2013

CEW Breakfast with QVC and Elemis

This morning I went to a CEW breakfast hosted by both QVC and Elemis to discuss their relationship and the future of the beauty industry. There were some quite interesting points, as well as an amazing breakfast, so thought I'd do a quick post on it.

QVC actually stands for Quality, Value, Convenience which I didn't know. They have around 200 beauty brands and are always looking to grow this part of their business. Their warehouse is the same size as 5 Wembley stadiums which they navigate with golf buggies!!

The average QVC customer is female, mid-40s, confident, ambitious and with disposable income - much more middle class than they used to be about 15 years ago.

Elemis has been working with them since 1994 when they were only known as a spa brand, and mostly associated with body products. They wanted to push their face products and target the anti-ageing market so QVC came along at a perfect time. They are now QVC's biggest beauty brand, and interestingly the rest of the Elemis business increases 15% when they are on QVC. 

QVC is all about educating the consumer, and even if people don't buy from QVC, they may go into store to find the products so many brands find that being on a show increases their store footfall.

QVC used to be seen as very naff but now people are really loving it and brands are fighting to be shown on their channels. They see the future very much as with the next generation where mobile apps, iPads, ecommerce, etc are all-important and they are investing heavily in these technologies.

I personally have never bought from QVC and not sure that I would...perhaps I still feel like it's the 'faux gold and cubic zirconia' of the past.

Have you ever bought from QVC?


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