Friday, 31 May 2013

What's Hot and Not

This week's Hot and Not includes some exciting pop-ups, new launches, and some celebs doing or saying crazy things!


Chanel pop-up at Selfridges - launching today for 2 weeks Chanel will have a nail bar at Selfridges London. You can book a manicure with a Chanel expert and for just 5th and 6th June you can book with nail guru Sophy Robson - sounds good to me! Best to book fast, appointments are sure to be filled quickly. A manicure costs £25, or £30 with Sophy. Call Selfridges to book.

Benefit Boutique - Benefit are launching this exciting boutique in Autumn on Carnaby Street, Soho. There will be nail treatments, a blow-dry bar, brow, waxing and tanning treatments as well as a champagne bar - can't wait!

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Cello Shots - after reading in Stylist magazine how much blush can transform you I need to get more on board with it. These look gorgeous and the texture is described as a soft gel which is intriguing. £24 available from tomorrow!


Mercedes Benz perfume - eau de car available exclusively at Harrod's. Not sure who would buy this but it is £70 for 90ml.

Over pouting - Binky used to be my fave on Made in Chelsea but I noticed this week that she has become decidedly more pouty. I'm not sure if she's had some kind of injection or just become more vain with her fame, but I don't like it!

Dita Von Teese - announced this week she needs 300 beauty products in her make-up bag. WTF?! How could you ever need that many, let alone be able to use that many products? Spoilt much...

Let me know what you think of Hot and Not this week,


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Karine Jackson Pop Up Today

Get yourselves down to Covent Garden today if you can! Karine Jackson, hair colourist extraordinaire has a one day pop-up at Seven Dials from 5-9pm so perfect for after work.

You can have a free consultation, trim or style from Karine and her team alongside goody bags full of treats. I wish I could make it after work but unfortunately I can't today.

All for free, and I'm promised within a gorgeous setting of fairy lights and scented candles...sounds beautiful. Let's hope the rain stays away for it.

Let me know if you go!


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

NOTW: Barry M new Gelly in Papaya

Here is another new addition to Barry M's high shine Gelly range. 

Called Papaya, it is a quite pale orangey coral colour which is lovely for this season. Being part of the Gelly range it is really shiny and the quality is great. Two coats and you have a great even shade.

Unfortunately I don't think this shade is for me. It seems to wash out my skin tone, but I think if you're darker it would be really nice.

This is a personal preference and by no means is this a bad polish at all, just the shade isn't for me. I much preferred the bright teal Guava which I reviewed last week.

£3.99 (bargain!) from here

Have you tried this shade? What did you think?


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Barry M Gelly Summer Shade - Guava

Barry M have extended their high shine gelly nail polishes for this summer. This bright bluey-turquoise called Guava is a punchy colour perfect for the beach!

One coat could be enough with this as the colour goes on very even with no streaks but I applied two coats. I did this very quickly with a base and top coat expecting it to not be a very good job, but I was very pleasantly surprised!

Not only did it look good straight away, it stayed looking good. I had a long weekend away and didn't take the polish away with me for any touch-ups but it didn't chip at all - fantastic quality! I was really impressed with this and I love the shade. I'll do a review on another new shade I was given, though I think this is my favourite.

The Barry M Gellies are £3.99 and the new shades are available online now, going into Boots and Superdrug next month.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Hot and Not

It's Friday again already! Here are the best and worst news from the week:


Morgan Taylor launches - new professional nail polish, Morgan Taylor, has finally launched in the UK. With 100 shades each with a brush with over 200 bristles I'm hoping the finish will be amazing. Look out for it at Urban Retreat at Harrod's

Max Factor 3 Day Mascara - really interested to see what this is like. It is £18.99 and will be launching very soon. There's a waiting list so they're definitely creating some hype over it! Sign up to it here

John Freida Flyaway Tamer - arriving in stores early next month, this little gadget looks very nifty. I'm surprised nobody has thought of it before! I tend to suffer from a few flyaway hairs and this mascara-like wand will smooth them down and get rid of any frizz with Inchi Oil. It will be in Boots for £10.99


£2,700 for a perfume - who else but Chanel? The Grand Extrait perfume is probably the rarest, most collectable fragrance. WTF!

Bad fake tan - I've noticed so many people this week who look like they've been tangoed or have horrendous streaks. Exfoliate, moisturise then take your time applying people!! A fake tan isn't something to be rushed!

Tess Daly for L'Oreal - L'Oreal teased us with a picture of the blonde hair asking who we thought was their new ambassador. Was it Mollie King? Carey Mulligan? Denise Van Outen? Sienna Miller? Holly Willoughby at a push? Nope, Tess Daly...hmmm not sure about that. She also looks awful in this pic

Let me know what you think of this week's Hot and Not,


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Spider Veins - Vitamin K Cream

I have a few small little spider veins on my cheeks which normally I don't really notice and make-up cover them up. However a few weeks ago I noticed them in the mirror and decided I should probably do something about them. Looking on the internet, aside from scary surgery, Vitamin K cream seems to be the answer. 

I looked to see which ones have the best reviews but it was a bit of a minefield. In the end I decided to go for Vita-K Professional cream which comes from USA (I always think they have better strength ingredients in their creams!). Take a look here for more info. It was dispatched pretty quickly for a product coming across the pond and so I've started using it morning and night this week!

This cream contains the miracle Vitamin K which I'm hoping will do the job but it also has Matrixyl which boosts collagen so hopefully this cream will help with fine lines and wrinkles as well as my spider veins! They say you need to use the product twice a day for 4-6 weeks to see the full results so I'll do a follow up post. Here are my before pics, hopefully you can see the thread veins on my cheeks, it was tricky to get an up-close shot that was in focus!

It is quite a thick cream but it sinks in well, I haven't noticed anything miraculous yet but I'll give it the full 4-6 weeks. Also included in my parcel was their dark circle cream which I'm giving a go for the next 4-6 weeks too.

I'll let you know how it goes!


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dr. Nick Lowe Morning and Night!

Happy hump day everyone!

I've been using both Dr. Nick Lowe Super Charged Day Cream and the Lift & Repair Night Cream in my skincare routine for over a month now.

This is the first time I've used any Dr. Nick Lowe products (I got these from the CEW demonstration evening) but overall I'm really impressed and would use more of his range.

The day cream is part of the Anti-Ageing range and has SPF 15, vitamins A, C and E, shea butter, pomegranate and raspberry, and ferulic acid so you can see why they call it super-charged! It is a really light cream which sinks into the skin straight away. The shea butter also means it hydrates really well. You don't need much to cover your skin, neck and decollete so the 50ml tub lasts a long time. It is priced at £17.49 so a really good high street moisturiser packed with great ingredients using the big guy's expert knowledge!

The night cream is from the Secret is Out range which is a bit more premium. It is a thicker consistency which you would expect from a night cream, and so I felt you needed to use more of the product. It does feel luxurious and I loved the texture, though it may be a bit thick if you have oily skin. It contains sodium hylaronate to hydrate and keep moisture in the skin so perfect for me! This one is priced at £27.99 so still not that expensive. This product won the CEW award for Best New Everyday Facial Skincare Product and I can see why people voted for it.

The top one is the day cream, bottom is the night cream, hopefully you can see the difference in the weight and textures of the creams.

I think the Dr. Nick Lowe products are a great combination of high street prices with great knowledge and research behind them, meaning you don't pay extortionate prices to get good results. The range is similar to Indeed Labs in that respect. Well worth a try.

The entire Dr. Nick Lowe range is available at Boots, take a look here


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

CEW Breakfast with QVC and Elemis

This morning I went to a CEW breakfast hosted by both QVC and Elemis to discuss their relationship and the future of the beauty industry. There were some quite interesting points, as well as an amazing breakfast, so thought I'd do a quick post on it.

QVC actually stands for Quality, Value, Convenience which I didn't know. They have around 200 beauty brands and are always looking to grow this part of their business. Their warehouse is the same size as 5 Wembley stadiums which they navigate with golf buggies!!

The average QVC customer is female, mid-40s, confident, ambitious and with disposable income - much more middle class than they used to be about 15 years ago.

Elemis has been working with them since 1994 when they were only known as a spa brand, and mostly associated with body products. They wanted to push their face products and target the anti-ageing market so QVC came along at a perfect time. They are now QVC's biggest beauty brand, and interestingly the rest of the Elemis business increases 15% when they are on QVC. 

QVC is all about educating the consumer, and even if people don't buy from QVC, they may go into store to find the products so many brands find that being on a show increases their store footfall.

QVC used to be seen as very naff but now people are really loving it and brands are fighting to be shown on their channels. They see the future very much as with the next generation where mobile apps, iPads, ecommerce, etc are all-important and they are investing heavily in these technologies.

I personally have never bought from QVC and not sure that I would...perhaps I still feel like it's the 'faux gold and cubic zirconia' of the past.

Have you ever bought from QVC?


Monday, 13 May 2013

NOTW: Umberto Giannini Lady Cloudia

This week's nail polish is courtesy of one of my colleagues. I noticed her nails last week and as I've never tried an Umberto Giannini polish before I wanted to give it a go. I was also an elephant at the weekend (rugby sevens, don't ask!) so a grey polish worked perfectly for that.

Firstly, I love the name. This deep grey is called Lady Cloudia, certainly the colour of the clouds above us during the rugby on Saturday. The brush is quite thin but it still went on fairly evenly and built to full coverage with two coats. It also dried really fast.

If you fancy something a bit different to all the neon brights going about at the moment then this is a great colour. I've had it on for 4 days now and I have a few minor chips but all in all it has lasted well.

I think most people think of Umberto Giannini for hair products but I really like this polish and would like to try more of their Painted Lady nail polishes. I believe this one is from a set from Boots which also includes a lovely pink called Lady Love, a gold shimmer called Lady Luscious and more - a full set review can be found at this blog

What do you think? Have you tried an Umberto Giannini polish before?


Friday, 10 May 2013

Tweezerman and Alessandro Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to an event with two great brands last week. Tweezerman needs no introduction but I didn't know much about Alessandro.

There were eyebrow consultations taking place during the evening. Having really light and quite fine eyebrows I tend to neglect them but I'm looking forward to trying my tweezerman and hopefully achieve a nicer arch!

I also didn't realise the scope of Tweezerman products. I think most people think of them as simply tweezers, but did you know they also have eyelash curlers, mirrors, nail files and nail clippers?! Me neither.

Their expert told us to always ALWAYS follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. Otherwise you could look an absolute mess! She also said a slanted and a pointed tweezer was all you would ever need. Finally, big brows are set to stay. Next season will still be all about Cara's dominant brows. I need to try to make mine grow!

Also on display at the event at The Groucho Club was Alessandro, a German nail polish company. Their new product is called Striplac, and is a gel polish which you apply at home, and simply peels off after an average of 10 days, rather than having to faff about with soaking or needing to visit a salon to remove them.

They had these colours on display but announced the range will expand to 99 colours so a very comprehensive selection. To be honest I'm not sure this is something I would use at home. I often pick at my nails when I'm bored/tired/worried so I'd be a bit concerned that I would peel it off without thinking.

They also do regular polish which I'm excited to try. Here is their amazing wall of polishes!


Hot and Not


Life's Beauty Luxuries - a survey came out this week stating life's top pleasures. At number 9 is having a massage which I completely agree with. It doesn't get much better than that for me! At number 10 is a glossy mag, then 17 is a new nail varnish. Yes yes and yes! Glad to hear the rest of the country are in agreement

Selfridges drive-thru - now you can pick up your beauty products without even leaving your car! Fast food, fast fashion, now fast beauty! I'm dubious about how many people will use it but you have to admire the innovation. See more details here 

Scotch Nail Art - I love nail art but wish I had a steadier hand and maybe more confidence to try out intricate designs. Scotch have come to the rescue this week and have some video tutorials using their tape to give you fool-proof step-by-steps. Check them out here


Apprentice Beauty - the eyebrows, the blusher, the eye shadows...what was going on?! Giving businesswomen a bad rep, you don't need to look like a Barbie girl to get ahead!!

Geordie Shore tan - you do wonder what took them so long! One of the Geordie Shore cast has launched their own range of male and female fake tan. Jay Gardner has cleverly named it Jay Tan - wonder how long it took to come out with that!

Bizarre eye make-up - it's one way to stand out on the red carpet I suppose but January Jones and Ginnifer Goodwin took things a little too extreme at the Met Ball. Will you be copying this look?!


Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Holiday Essentials

I thought I'd show you my absolute musts for my suitcase.

Before I go away I like to use Germaine de Cappuccini 48 hour tan activator. I'm fairly pale and my skin does tan eventually but it takes a while to get going. This makes your skin produce more melanin before you get out there so as soon as you hit the sunbed your skin is ready to go! This brand is also really underrated I think and it's quite hard to find. I tried a similar product from Elemis on my last holiday, which was a little bit cheaper, and it was nowhere near as good. I got this from dot com beauty, check it out here.

Then I'm giving P20 a go. I'm a bit late to this product but loads of my friends have said how great it is. It is on the pricey side but if you really do only use it once a day then it works out very cost effective. I'll be letting you know how I got on with it when I'm back.

My By Terry Sunbooster serum is a favourite of mine. It gets the skin on your face ready for the sun. This doesn't mean you will tan loads (I don't want that on my face), it just means you're less likely to burn. A major plus to me. Oh and it smells lovely!

Kerastase's hair sun protection spray is great. You don't need much, just spritz before hitting the beach and it will make your hair less likely to turn to straw. My hair is highlighted so it also helps with any colour fade. LOVE.

Finally my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette has become part of my everyday routine and I can't forget it on holiday. It has every shade that I will ever wear and that really flatters. I've thought for a long time that Urban Decay does the best eyeshadows. So pigmented and they glide on effortlessly and last well. Especially in the heat, which is what I need for Egypt!

What are your holiday essentials?