Friday, 5 April 2013

What's Hot, What's Not

This week's best and worst beauty news!!!


YSL Summer Collection - how gorgeous is this palette?! So pretty, and useable which is quite rare for a palette, but I think I'd wear all of these colours. The only downside is the price - £42. Better start saving now...

Caudalie Divine Legs - this silky oil is launching in May and instantly tans legs as well as giving them great moisture and a little shimmer. I'm all for anything that flatters my legs! Hopefully I'll be able to go without tights soon. This will be £26 available online.

Great Gatsby Glamour - so excited for the film to come out next month, and I love the classic glamour of the era. Flawless skin, groomed brows, classic eyes and lips, plus maybe even a beauty spot - lovely!


Cold, cold weather - sorry to be a bore and go on about the weather, but come on! It's April, it should be getting warmer, not still snowing. It's playing havoc with my skin, making it so dry, and my hair is so static when I brush it in the morning. Nightmare. Come on sun, you can do it...PMA! PMA!

No Female Solidarity - I know it's from the Daily Mail online this week and only to be expected but this is so harsh. Isn't Claudia Winkleman allowed to not be dolled up for once? I still think she's gorge! Come on girls, let's not be so mean.

Selfies - a new term to describe the trend celebs have of posting so-called 'natural' shots of themselves on Twitter or Instagram, obviously looking stunning and probably taking more than a few attempts to get that perfect 'natural' shot. Kelly Brook is the ultimate doesn't do the rest of us any good for our self-esteem

What do you think of this week's Hot and Not? Let me know if you agree or not.


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  1. Kelly Brook is so pretty :) omg I want to own the YSL Summer collection ^-^