Monday, 8 April 2013

Nails Inc Leather Effect

Hmmm I'm just not sure I can get on board with this. I've tried the Nails Inc Leather Effect polish on my fingers which I really didn't like, so this time I went for it on my toes. Apologies in advance for the toe pics!

It's a full coverage black with a slight have to look really closely for this (obviously nobody gets that near to my feet!). In their pack, Nails Inc gives you studs which would jazz this up a bit but I'm still not a fan.

So that I didn't have just black toes I used Nails Inc in Abbey Road to give myself sparkly tips!!

This jazzes it up a little bit but I have to say I'm still not a fan. I've tried, I've failed. Leather nails are not for me. Thankfully my feet aren't on display.


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