Friday, 26 April 2013

Hot and Not

It's Friday already! Got that Friday feeling? Me too!!


'Green' beauty boxes - I've never actually subscribed to a beauty box before and I think a lot of people are a bit over the monthly Glossybox reviews but these interest me as they contain natural, organic skincare and beauty products. Souk Souk has been going a while but it was announced this week that beautecobox will launch next month. Check them out at and 

London High Street Fashion Week - starting today at Boxpark in Shoreditch, this is the Fashion Week where most of us can actually afford the clothes! I'm really interested to see the beauty looks that come out of it too. Find out more here

YSL Tie & Dye Nail Polish - there isn't much info available yet on these but how pretty are they?! They've launched in America and I've just discovered there are available exclusively for £18.00 each at Selfridges here! You can achieve three looks with one bottle - the top layer is a sheer slightly coloured top coat, the middle layer is a deeper colour and the bottom contains a pretty shimmer. Can't wait to see some swatches!


More magazine ending - after over 20 years More magazine is no more :-( The end of an era, I can remember being 14 and absolutely loving the magazine! I really hope it doesn't set a trend of other mags closing...

Spider veins - I've decided I need to take action on mine. I have a few on my cheeks which aren't really noticeable to other people but I want to get rid of them. From researching online I need Vitamin K cream in my life so I'll let you know how I get on.

DD creams - I heard a rumour this week that after the original BB creams and now the onslaught of CC creams, we may be subjected to DD creams very soon. When will it stop???


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