Thursday, 28 March 2013

Winter Skin Essentials

With the winter seemingly never-ending my skin is really suffering. Sensitive, ridiculously dry and tight I need some super-strength skincare products to help.

And here they are! REN's Rose Otto Facial Oil and L'Occitane's Protective Cream. The REN oil smells absolutely beautiful and lasts forever. You only need one small pump of the oil morning and evening before applying your serum so this bottle will last months and months (for as long as this winter seems to be dragging on for!).

It deeply moisturises my skin which is essential right now. The main thing I love about this product though is the smell - a light rose fragrance which takes you back to summer... *sigh*

It's £42 from SpaceNK 

Next up the L'Occitane Protective Cream. It has SPF 20 which, even though you may not think you need right now, is great as I've noticed a few new moisturisers recently with no SPF in them at all. I'm far too lazy to put suncream over my moisturiser.

It contains 15% shea butter and you can tell. It is super thick. I would only recommend this for people with truly dry 'sahara desert' skin. Even I found it a touch too thick. 

I would say this is a special treatment moisturiser as opposed to an everyday one. It is amazing at nourishing your skin, especially if you've been out in the cold wind and your cheeks are all red, which often happens to me. As it is so thick it does act like a barrier (I suppose that's why they call it a 'protective cream'!). If you're about to go for a run in the cold or a long walk and find your skin gets tight after a while, slap this on before heading outside.

Otherwise, maybe just stay indoors nice and snug!

Buy it in their stores and online for £31.00


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