Friday, 15 March 2013

What's Hot, What's Not


Benefit new San Fran collection - launching in May, the Golden Gate Bridge collection looks great. Bright lips and taupey eyes, it sounds exactly what I like! As an aside, the Benefit lady last weekend was so friendly and helpful - customer service at its best.

Nail Rock Comic Relief Nail Wraps - it's Comic Relief today so I had to include this. Jazz up your nails to show your support with these fun nail wraps. I'm not a huge fan of nail wraps but with £1 going to charity, why not? The designs are really cute, exclusively available in Claire's stores they are £6.50

Midnight Clinic launching - not entirely sure whether to put this in Hot or Not but I'm going to be positive. This spa is opening during the night, so for those who suffer with insomnia (can definitely relate to this), work shifts, etc you can use the night-time to have a beauty treatment. It opens at 10pm on 27th March at the INC Space in Covent Garden. Check it out here 


Google Reader - my Twitter went into overdrive yesterday as it was announced that Google are closing their popular Google Reader, which is the way most people connect with blogs. They are doing this to make people use Google+ but the fury on Twitter shows people will just go elsewhere. From 1st July it is gone. Bloglovin got lots more members as a's annoying, but just means adapting. Lots of people are saying GFC will be the next logical thing to disappear so will keep you updated.

Buddha Bar Skincare - announced this week, a bar doing a skincare range?? Baffling to say the least. Perhaps a food or drink range, but skincare? It just doesn't make sense. Called B/Attitude, you can pick it up the next time you're in the swanky bar...

Another MAC celeb collaboration - another week, another celeb linked to a MAC collection. This time it is Paramore singer Haley Williams. Who?? Too many of these celeb ranges means people get tired of them very quickly. My Twitter feed seems to agree with me. If you want to take a look it launches 9th April.

Let me know what you think about this week's beauty news! Have you gone to Bloglovin? What are you doing for comic relief?


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  1. Taupey eyes sound so exciting. Can't wait to see more of the San Fran collection.
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