Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Oil Arganic Body Oil

I've been meaning to write about this product for a while as I finished it just after Christmas. Better late than never! I always have to moisturise after a shower otherwise my skin feels really tight and uncomfortable so I'm on the eternal hunt for a great body moisturiser.

This one from Tan Organic is a dry oil which can be used on everything. I used it on my body but it is completely natural so you can put it on your hair, nails and face without any problems. They say it has a subtle rose fragrance but I would say this is *very* subtle.

It has a whopping 8 different oils inside, including Argan oil as the name may suggest. I loved it, and completely used it up which is quite unheard of for me - I usually get a bit bored and move onto my next product to try.

Being a dry oil it sinks into the skin and leaves you feeling moisturised rather than oily. I did find it takes a little while to sink in - you can't put clothes on immediately afterwards, but I'm talking a couple of minutes, not ages!

I have yet to use the Tan Organic as it scares me slightly, it looks so dark. I think I'll give it a go closer to summer. I definitely like the thought of using a more natural fake tan on my skin.

Oil Arganic is £24.99 which I think is reasonable for all the ingredients they have packed into the bottle. You can take a look and buy it from here and Harrods.


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