Monday, 25 March 2013

NOTW: Barry M Denim

Last week it was announced that Nails Inc are launching their denim polish next month, so I thought this week I would show you the Barry M one which I got MONTHS ago.

I'm still massively into blue nails so the shade definitely works for me. The polish is so pigmented you could get away with just the one coat but I applied two because I just always do.

And here it is! Hopefully you can see the silver shimmer the polish has. Unlike the recent textured nail polish, this doesn't feel like denim at all, but the shimmer gives it the added something to look like the material. I'm not a massive fan of the textured look (looks like something has gone wrong in my opinion!).

I don't have the Nails Inc version so I can't really compare but they do include studs to give your nails even more of a jean effect. They also say it has a matte finish to look like denim but I always put a top coat on to make the polish last longer anyway.

I would really recommend this polish. You can get away with just one coat, it lasts well, looks cool, and is cheap! Barry M are way ahead of Nails Inc with this one and it's only £2.99 compared to the Nails Inc kit which will be £19.

Let me know what you think.


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