Tuesday, 26 March 2013

La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift

I got this exciting product at the CEW demonstration evening. La Prairie products are way out of my reach financially, so to try one of them was such a treat.

If you can believe it, this serum is £304! WTF!! Surely it must have made my skin feel amazing, look years younger and I received lots of compliments? Right? 

The packaging is great which I am a sucker for. There are golden caviar beads which you can see at first (should have taken a pic of them before I started using it!). You then have to 'activate' them by pressing a little button on the side (in the photo below) to start getting all the anti-ageing goodness...

The serum does feel lovely, it hydrates, and sinks into the skin nicely, but I must say there is nothing special about this product, certainly not enough to justify the crazy price. No miracle happened! 

The thing that I was also quite stunned by was how quickly it finished. I'm used to trying products and then having to leave a lot left to move on to the next one. I hardly ever have empties. This one was finished within about 2 weeks - £304 for 2 weeks of use morning and night.

I think if you use this product you have more money than sense! Save it for a handbag...


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