Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Mini Egg Nails!!

I'm very happy with these! I wanted something Easter-y for this weekend and I'm not quite up to the standard of painting little chicks on my nails so mini eggs it is!

I started trying to find as many pastel shades as possible (these aren't my fave so it took a while to scramble through everything) and I settled on these ones. A great selection on Ciate, Me Me Me, Nails Inc, Essie and AKA Cosmetics. 

From left to right - the Nails Inc InStyle special, Me Me Me in Ambitious, AKA Cosmetics in Candy Floss, Essie Where's my Chaffeur and Ciate Purple Sherbet.

Paint on two coats of each and allow to dry fully. Then get a pale brown nail polish for the mini egg effect. I used Nails Inc Jermyn Street.

Make sure you barely have any of the polish on the brush and randomly dab it onto your nails - no special equipment needed. You don't want it really perfect, which was good when it came to doing it with my left hand! The effect is this:

  Pretty cool eh?! Mini egg nails!! I've been enjoying it all weekend. Have any of you done anything special on your nails this Easter?


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Winter Skin Essentials

With the winter seemingly never-ending my skin is really suffering. Sensitive, ridiculously dry and tight I need some super-strength skincare products to help.

And here they are! REN's Rose Otto Facial Oil and L'Occitane's Protective Cream. The REN oil smells absolutely beautiful and lasts forever. You only need one small pump of the oil morning and evening before applying your serum so this bottle will last months and months (for as long as this winter seems to be dragging on for!).

It deeply moisturises my skin which is essential right now. The main thing I love about this product though is the smell - a light rose fragrance which takes you back to summer... *sigh*

It's £42 from SpaceNK 

Next up the L'Occitane Protective Cream. It has SPF 20 which, even though you may not think you need right now, is great as I've noticed a few new moisturisers recently with no SPF in them at all. I'm far too lazy to put suncream over my moisturiser.

It contains 15% shea butter and you can tell. It is super thick. I would only recommend this for people with truly dry 'sahara desert' skin. Even I found it a touch too thick. 

I would say this is a special treatment moisturiser as opposed to an everyday one. It is amazing at nourishing your skin, especially if you've been out in the cold wind and your cheeks are all red, which often happens to me. As it is so thick it does act like a barrier (I suppose that's why they call it a 'protective cream'!). If you're about to go for a run in the cold or a long walk and find your skin gets tight after a while, slap this on before heading outside.

Otherwise, maybe just stay indoors nice and snug!

Buy it in their stores and online for £31.00


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift

I got this exciting product at the CEW demonstration evening. La Prairie products are way out of my reach financially, so to try one of them was such a treat.

If you can believe it, this serum is £304! WTF!! Surely it must have made my skin feel amazing, look years younger and I received lots of compliments? Right? 

The packaging is great which I am a sucker for. There are golden caviar beads which you can see at first (should have taken a pic of them before I started using it!). You then have to 'activate' them by pressing a little button on the side (in the photo below) to start getting all the anti-ageing goodness...

The serum does feel lovely, it hydrates, and sinks into the skin nicely, but I must say there is nothing special about this product, certainly not enough to justify the crazy price. No miracle happened! 

The thing that I was also quite stunned by was how quickly it finished. I'm used to trying products and then having to leave a lot left to move on to the next one. I hardly ever have empties. This one was finished within about 2 weeks - £304 for 2 weeks of use morning and night.

I think if you use this product you have more money than sense! Save it for a handbag...


Monday, 25 March 2013

NOTW: Barry M Denim

Last week it was announced that Nails Inc are launching their denim polish next month, so I thought this week I would show you the Barry M one which I got MONTHS ago.

I'm still massively into blue nails so the shade definitely works for me. The polish is so pigmented you could get away with just the one coat but I applied two because I just always do.

And here it is! Hopefully you can see the silver shimmer the polish has. Unlike the recent textured nail polish, this doesn't feel like denim at all, but the shimmer gives it the added something to look like the material. I'm not a massive fan of the textured look (looks like something has gone wrong in my opinion!).

I don't have the Nails Inc version so I can't really compare but they do include studs to give your nails even more of a jean effect. They also say it has a matte finish to look like denim but I always put a top coat on to make the polish last longer anyway.

I would really recommend this polish. You can get away with just one coat, it lasts well, looks cool, and is cheap! Barry M are way ahead of Nails Inc with this one and it's only £2.99 compared to the Nails Inc kit which will be £19.

Let me know what you think.


Monday, 18 March 2013

NOTW: Barry M in Teal

This weekend, for St. Patrick's Day, I realised I don't have that many green nail polishes. So many blues, purples, etc but barely any green. In the end I went for Barry M's jewel-toned teal nail polish.

I bought this a while ago but haven't had it on for months. It is a really striking emerald colour, so absolutely perfect for St. Patrick's Day! One coat isn't enough like most polishes, but two gives you an even teal colour. Beautiful!

It's so pretty and lasts really well. A great bargain buy, I highly rate all my Barry M nail polishes. I put this on Saturday morning and it's still chip-free - winner!

A bit of a departure from the typical spring pastel shades but I love it, and got loads of compliments when I was out on Saturday night.

Available from Boots and Superdrug.


Friday, 15 March 2013

What's Hot, What's Not


Benefit new San Fran collection - launching in May, the Golden Gate Bridge collection looks great. Bright lips and taupey eyes, it sounds exactly what I like! As an aside, the Benefit lady last weekend was so friendly and helpful - customer service at its best.

Nail Rock Comic Relief Nail Wraps - it's Comic Relief today so I had to include this. Jazz up your nails to show your support with these fun nail wraps. I'm not a huge fan of nail wraps but with £1 going to charity, why not? The designs are really cute, exclusively available in Claire's stores they are £6.50

Midnight Clinic launching - not entirely sure whether to put this in Hot or Not but I'm going to be positive. This spa is opening during the night, so for those who suffer with insomnia (can definitely relate to this), work shifts, etc you can use the night-time to have a beauty treatment. It opens at 10pm on 27th March at the INC Space in Covent Garden. Check it out here 


Google Reader - my Twitter went into overdrive yesterday as it was announced that Google are closing their popular Google Reader, which is the way most people connect with blogs. They are doing this to make people use Google+ but the fury on Twitter shows people will just go elsewhere. From 1st July it is gone. Bloglovin got lots more members as a's annoying, but just means adapting. Lots of people are saying GFC will be the next logical thing to disappear so will keep you updated.

Buddha Bar Skincare - announced this week, a bar doing a skincare range?? Baffling to say the least. Perhaps a food or drink range, but skincare? It just doesn't make sense. Called B/Attitude, you can pick it up the next time you're in the swanky bar...

Another MAC celeb collaboration - another week, another celeb linked to a MAC collection. This time it is Paramore singer Haley Williams. Who?? Too many of these celeb ranges means people get tired of them very quickly. My Twitter feed seems to agree with me. If you want to take a look it launches 9th April.

Let me know what you think about this week's beauty news! Have you gone to Bloglovin? What are you doing for comic relief?


Thursday, 14 March 2013

New Rituals Hydrating Skincare Range

I was sent these new goodies from Rituals a few months ago and I was very excited to try them. Their new Hydrating range is perfect for those like me who suffer with dry skin. Here we have the 24 hour Hydrating Gel Cream and the Intense Moisture Serum.

First up, the 24 hour Hydrating Gel Cream. The first thing I must say about this product is I absolutely loved the texture. It is a gel consistency as the name suggests which I wasn't sure I would like for a moisturiser. I usually like a thick cream. But the texture of this means it sinks into the skin really fast without needing much. It will last you a long time!

They say it's packed with antioxidants and whilst I didn't really see any anti-ageing benefits, the main thing was the moisture. Especially during winter, I need a LOT of the stuff! This had an immediate effect and the consistency meant it felt cooling and calming with no stickiness. A definite winner. Available from John Lewis for £24.50.

Now for the Intense Moisture Serum. Again, it's texture all the way with this range. A similar gel formula to the moisturiser, it is packed full of my fave ingredient ever - hylaronic acid. You only need a small squirt of this before you apply the moisturiser. Another lovely product for anyone with dry skin. Available here for £25.50.

I always think Rituals is a range that is quite under-rated. I've always been impressed with their products and you know they are going to be high quality. Slightly pricier than maybe the mainstream, but I would much rather spend more on skincare and save on make-up.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic

I'd heard the buzz surrounding these new lip glosses from Rimmel so when I received one to try at the CEW demonstration evening I couldn't wait to give it a go. If you missed my post on CEW have a look at the evening here

There are 8 different shades of Apocalips with Apocaliptic being the most punchy pink. The colour certainly is intense! When I first applied it I wasn't really sure I liked it as it is a very bright colour so don't go for this if you don't want to get noticed.

The applicator is very easy to use and, trust me, you don't need much to deliver the right colour.

I hope the colour shows in the photo as there wasn't much sun. I can't emphasise enough how bright the colour is. 

To be honest, I'm still not completely sure this colour is for me. In the past I've always tended to focus more on eyes than lips in my make-up, but I have been trying to get more on board with lipsticks and brighter colours. 

As quality goes it's great. Really moisturising and lasts a long time. I'm just not sure I'm ready for such a punchy colour! Let me know what you think.

Only £5.99 from Boots.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Italian Nails - Nails Inc in Tate

Last week I headed to Bologna for the huge beauty exhibition called Cosmoprof. Trying to decide what colour to do my nails I had to go for classic glamour with a beautiful red. I found the perfect one in Nails Inc Tate, a deep classic red.

You need two coats with this but I loved the colour, it's the perfect red without being too bright and too 'pillarbox-y'! 

The thing that really impressed me though was how well it lasted. I was carting all my stuff around with me and was sure my nails would chip so I brought the bottle with me for any touch-ups. It wasn't needed! The polish lasted all weekend completely chip-free which I am super impressed with.

I would definitely recommend this as a staple colour for any nail polish fan, it is instant sophisticated glam. £11 take a look here 


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hot and Not

This week's Hot and Not. As always, let me know what you think of the week's news!


Model's Own Fruit Pastel collection - I'm not a huge fan of pastels but these look beautiful, and most excitingly, they are supposed to smell beautiful! Currently on pre-order online before they go into stores at £20 for the set. My picks are the Apple Pie and Blueberry Muffin colours and scents. I'm itching to get these but may have to wait til payday...

Matrixyl - the new 'miracle' ingredient which has been discovered this week to double your skin's collagen producing ability! Basically, any product which contains it may honestly combat your wrinkles - look out for this cheeky little peptide in the ingredients list!

Stila Spring Collection - pretty pretty pretty! Stila have really upped the ante with the packaging for their Spring 2013 collection. Especially love (see what I did there?!) their new blusher. Only £12, take a look here


Space Dust Beauty - my bullshit radar went into overdrive hearing about this and the absolutely extortionate price! £599 for 111 Skin Black Diamond Cream. It uses rare dust particles tested by NASA....hmmm if you can spend £599 on a tub of moisturiser you should maybe think about giving it to charity!

Joey Essex D'Reem Hair Products - uh oh....available to get you looking 'reem' in a few weeks at Tesco. Top marks for making the most of his celeb status whilst he can!

Clinique Nail Polish for Sensitive Skin - please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never heard anybody complain about having sensitive skin or a reaction from nail polish. Sounds like a PR spin to me. Available from Debenhams from 12th May if this is a product for you.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Oil Arganic Body Oil

I've been meaning to write about this product for a while as I finished it just after Christmas. Better late than never! I always have to moisturise after a shower otherwise my skin feels really tight and uncomfortable so I'm on the eternal hunt for a great body moisturiser.

This one from Tan Organic is a dry oil which can be used on everything. I used it on my body but it is completely natural so you can put it on your hair, nails and face without any problems. They say it has a subtle rose fragrance but I would say this is *very* subtle.

It has a whopping 8 different oils inside, including Argan oil as the name may suggest. I loved it, and completely used it up which is quite unheard of for me - I usually get a bit bored and move onto my next product to try.

Being a dry oil it sinks into the skin and leaves you feeling moisturised rather than oily. I did find it takes a little while to sink in - you can't put clothes on immediately afterwards, but I'm talking a couple of minutes, not ages!

I have yet to use the Tan Organic as it scares me slightly, it looks so dark. I think I'll give it a go closer to summer. I definitely like the thought of using a more natural fake tan on my skin.

Oil Arganic is £24.99 which I think is reasonable for all the ingredients they have packed into the bottle. You can take a look and buy it from here and Harrods.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Youngblood In Bloom Spring 2013

I was invited to be made over by Youngblood with their new In Bloom collection for Spring 2013 last week.

The three new products include a face mist which can be used as a toner or a general pick-me-up, a lipstick and gel eyeliner. The face mist called Minerals in the Mist - Relax smells gorgeous. It's a mixture of lavender and vanilla, it would make a great night time beauty treat and to have on your desk for when you need to de-stress! It costs £20.

So here is my make-up...

Really dewy skin, natural lips and a slight blush. But the main focus is the eyes.

I've never had so many compliments about my eyeliner - this one called Lagoon is a beautiful teal colour which was applied to my top lash line. I love my eyeliner but I always stick to the blackest black so to go for colour is very different for me. It costs £16 and I will definitely be giving this a try myself as so many people commented on it!

Check it out as well as their other products here


Monday, 4 March 2013

NOTW: Model's Own Aqua Violet Beetle Juice

This week's nails are a beautiful irridescent bluey purple, called Aqua Violet Beetle Juice from Model's Own.

You definitely need two coats with this one as just the one isn't bold enough. Two coats though builds to a lovely metallic sheen.

I hope you can see the effect as the lighting wasn't brilliant...

My obsession with blues nails continues with this delight from Model's Own - I also love the way it changes to purple and green in the light, especially on a sunny day like today.

£5 from Boots where they are currently on offer - 2 for £8!


Friday, 1 March 2013

What's Hot; What's Not

It's that time of the week again!


Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose collection - this is SO pretty! Bringing out the girly girl in me, I love the look of the Shimmer Brick (obvs!) as well as the bright pink lip gloss. It launched in stores yesterday, go, go, GO!

Discovering a new perfume you LOVE - from my CEW demo evening haul (click here to see my post) I have found out that I absolutely love Thierry Mugler Alien. I'm very loyal to my perfumes and don't tend to stray often so to find one that trumps my beloved few is very rare.

& Other Stories - very excited by this new make-up range from the people behind H&M and Cos. I don't have much info but it looks very cool, and the first store opens on Regent Street on 8th March.


Leona Lewis and The Body Shop - don't get me wrong, I'm all for the Cruelty Free campaign they've signed her up to. I just really don't like Leona, there's something about her...

Eating placenta - January Jones announced this week that she ate her own placenta. Eugh! Then Holly Madison has got in on the act saying she's going to do the same after she gives birth. Why?!! It surely can't give you that great health and beauty benefits????

Too much plunge - from wonky boobs last week to too much boob this week. The Oscars was full of it. Not really a fan, there's just too much skin!

Let me know what you think!