Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The CEW Awards

Last night it was the 'beauty oscars', the CEW Awards demonstration evening. I'm lucky enough to be a member through work. For those of you who don't know it, CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) is the main beauty industry board in the UK. It's awards are one of the most sought-after as they give an official stamp of approval for a brand's product. So last night, all the brands who have been shortlisted were able to give their products to CEW members to try and then vote.

Needless to say it was a bit of a free for all, with most people having the same plan of heading for fragrances first, then prestige skincare, then onto the more mass market brands. You just had to grab what you could - a whole room full of beauty-crazed women means dignity kind of goes out the window!

(Apologies for the not very good pics - taken with my Blackberry)

It is hugely exciting checking out all the products when you get home. So many amazing classic and new beauty treats to discover and obviously there are a billion reviews to come! Brands who have been shortlisted include La Prairie, Nails Inc, Dr. Nick Lowe, Liz Earle and so many more!

All members will be voting over the next few weeks with the winners being announced at the end of April!



  1. I would have loved to come to this and become a member of CEW in general, I am giving some serious thought and hope to come to the event next year.

    Have fun sampling all the goodies you picked up! xx

    1. Thanks hun! I would definitely recommend it...I'm having lots of fun trying all the products xx

  2. Wow I would so love to attends Cew as I am a beauty addict
    Best job in the world testing products in my opinion
    Great to see who the winners will be

  3. Do you get the huge pile of products in the picture to test
    Would love to attend but housebound

    1. Yes, members test the products to then vote on who they want to win! I'll keep you updated with my thoughts plus when the winners are announced xx