Monday, 21 January 2013

NOTW: Illamasqua Viridian

Nails of the week are courtesy of Illamasqua, one of the great sale bargains I got after Christmas! In the duo there is a deep purple sparkle called Glitterati and a deep green shimmer called Viridian.
Viridian perfectly bridges the gap between winter and spring as you have the shimmer to bring a bit of bling to your nails, but it's also the most gorgeous shade of deep green which is a key colour for this season.
I'm really liking this. Especially on my shorter nails this week as I got bored and cut them at the weekend (being snowed in does that to you!). You could get away with just the one coat but I opted for two to get the best colour.
It's lasting well too (unlike last week's polish) so fingers crossed it'll stay put all week. Will keep you posted!
ASOS have sold out but Illamasqua have it on their own site here reduced to £15.50 for the two!
Has anyone tried Glitterati yet? Would like to see some reviews of that one.


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