Monday, 14 January 2013

NOTD: Essie Leading Lady

Nails of the Week! Plus photos with my new camera which is very exciting!!!!!!

I got the essie winter collection in the Christmas sales and loved the look of Leading Lady, a deep red with a subtle sparkle.

The colour is incredible. They are mini bottles with a small brush but the colour went on well with no streakiness and dried quickly. With two coats you get a lovely deep cherry red and the glitter is quite subtle. Even though Christmas is over I still love the sparkle! I'd say this is 'grown up sparkle'.

However, I think you can probably see in the photos, this polish chipped very easily which was disappointing. Less than 12 hours wear and the chips began. I'm not sure if it would be better on shorter nails, but maybe I'm just looking for excuses because I want to love it!

Overall, great colour but poor quality. This will be one I wear for a night out but it definitely wouldn't last all week. Shame.



  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Oh, Steve always inviting people to follow your blog.

    I hate when it starts to chip! Did you use a top coat?

    1. Yes I used a top coat and it still happened, so annoying! Have you found that with Essie? xx

  3. I love this colour but I agree about the chipping. I have acrylic nails so varnishes do tend to last longer on my nails but the Essie one I have on now (no place like chrome) has chipped quite a bit :( xx