Monday, 24 December 2012

My Fave Sparkly Nail Polishes!

It's Christmas time and my nails have been festively glittery all month! So what a perfect time to list my top sparkle nail polishes from this season:

1. Model's Own Mirrorball Collection - it's hard to pick one out of this five strong collection but my winner has to be Freak Out! Dark and light blue as well as pink and purple sparkles of various sizes and shapes - it is beautiful!! You have to dab it on rather than swipe like a lot of glitter polishes but the result it amazing. Get the full collection, or buy one which is only £5 here

2. Barry M Blue Glitter - only £2.99 this glitter is amazingly good quality! Two coats builds up to a brilliant blue which will dazzle and definitely get compliments! It also lasts really well, the only problem is getting it off. Check it out here

3. China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara - perfect for winter icy nails, this glitter is a striking silver with flecks of blue. You could get away with just one coat as it's quite thick (but not in a gloopy way!). In love! £3.95 here

4. Models' Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix - Model's Own seem to be the champions of glitter polishes at the moment. Before Mirrorball came out, their Hed Kandi collection had Ibiza Mix as their hero! It is a gorgeous combination of pinks, blues, oranges, violets, greens, everything you can imagine! Definitely not for wall flowers! Only £3.50 from here

5. OPI The Living Daylights - part of the Skyfall collection, this is uber-sparkly, with flecks of copper, gold, teal and silver. It looks great just on its own (it's another dabber rather than a swiper) or over a dark polish to make the colours stand out even more! It's currently £8.80 here

Let me know your favourite sparkly polishes!


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