Thursday, 13 December 2012

Kelly Hoppen candle in Zen

This is something I was lucky enough to get in my QVC press day goody bag. I'm a HUGE fan of candles, especially around this time of year, and as soon as I smelt this in the goody bag on the train home I knew it was a good'un!

The interior designer did good with this! In a glass tumbler, the only downside is that is it quite small and so doesn't last as long as you'd like it to. But I do think it would make a great Christmas present if you're stuck for ideas. The simple design means it would look good in any room.

Not for the first time I'm wishing the internet had smell-o-vision! I find it so hard to describe smells. As the name suggests, zen is a subtle fragrance which won't overpower your room. It's quite musky and powdery, but really I can't describe the smell accurately, you'll just have to have a whiff yourself!

Available at QVC, at the moment they have a trio of them for £23.28 here


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