Friday, 28 December 2012

2012 Top Hot and Not!

It's the last Friday of the year so thought I do a What's Hot, What's Not of the year! Here we go...


Ciate Caviar, Sequin and Velvet manicure - always on the forefront of 'nail technology', 2012 has definitely been a good year for Ciate. I've only tried the caviar manicure (which doesn't last long but it looks so cool) but I would love to try the other two. Nail art has boomed this year, and these nifty products have taken it 3D!

Magazine freebies - this has been the year where we've been buying multiple copies of magazines just for the freebies!! From Benefit to Nails Inc to Ciate to The Body Shop and more. 

Selfridges Lucky Bag and Beauty Box - these both created a huge stir throughout Twitter! I wasn't quick enough for the beauty box but got a lucky bag and was so happy with the contents! Definitely foresee more shops doing this next year.


Brad's Chanel ad - I think this one is pretty unanimous - absolutely awful, and I cringe every time I hear it. The world turns, and we turn with it....piss off!!

Snakeskin manicure - This news came out in July, only from America of course! For the bargain price of £150 you could coat your nails with real snakeskin. I think we'll stick to nail art and wraps this side of the pond!!

Collagen sweets and drinks - 2012 seems to be the year that these have boomed onto the market and I just don't think they can work. You need collagen to go into your skin, not your blood stream after having been digested.

Let me know what have been your 2012 highlights and lowlights



  1. Great post, I cringe at the Brad Pitt advert too - big time!! and he looks SO old now? maybe having 80000 kids does that to you?!!
    I agree on the Selfridges box, it was FAB and I was lucky but the lucky dips were very mixed, some were awful and a lot of people complained. I skipped those, its good yours was nice though.
    Flops for me- the new YSL foundation - it broke me out like a mo'fo and nail wraps, everyone is doing them but they are well, not very nice if you ask me! haha


    1. Oh I haven't tried the new YSL foundation - but I won't now! Also haven't tried nail wraps myself, I know some people who love them but I think if I used them they would have air bubbles xx

  2. Fab post. I too hate the Brad ad! I don't even think he looks hot in it, bad times! x