Friday, 9 November 2012

What's Hot What's Not

The best and worst beauty news from the past week!


Free full-sized Ojon shampoo and conditioner - yesterday I swapped an empty bottle for shampoo for full-sized bottles of Ojon Damage Reverse (worth £48!) - absolutely amazing! I tried it last night and my hair does feel incredible. Fantastic event from Ojon - let's hope they do it again very soon!

Latest in Beauty YOU magazine advent calendar - yet another beauty advent calendar came out this week. As much as I love them it does make me sob a little as I want it but can't really justify to spend money on :( Mainly skincare with a few bits of make-up and a nail polish, it is £59.95 (but the products are worth over £210) - if you want it, get it quick from here

Nail Rock Frou Frou - SO cute!! Available from ASOS and River Island from this week, these cutest 3D nail stickers are so sweet I had to put them here. £5.99 a pack, I doubt they last very long but for a special occasion they would be great, and perfect for those who don't have a steady enough hand for full-on nail art. Available in Bears, Thanks Giving, Holiday and Fruit Burst.


Back acne - poor Cameron Diaz. Her make-up artist obviously tried to cover up her acne at the Gambit premiere, but the concealer just drew attention to it even more. Blotches of pale powder looked awful, and she obviously felt self-conscious about it as she was wearing a jacket at the after-party. It would have been better to have left it. Apart from that, she looked stunning!

Camel toe - did anyone else look at this pic and their eyes immediately go to 'there' and slightly water! She still looks stunning of course, but it does look slightly obscene (not to mention how much waxing was involved!!)

High maintenance hair - Lauren Conrad (girl crush!) admitted this week that it takes a whopping 7 hours to get her hair looking perfect for shoots and events. It's not about that! I'm really bad with my hair, I either leave it down or put it up in a pony, not very creative! As gorgeous as this looks, I really could not be bothered with wasting all that time on just my hair!!

Let me know what you think of this week's Hot and Not,



  1. Damn! I missed the Ojon day :( But I totally love the advent calendar and the nail adornments :)

    1. I'm sure they'll do it again soon. Are you gonna go for the advent calendar? xx