Friday, 16 November 2012

What's Hot and What's Not


Selfridges Lucky Bag - similar to the beauty box, the Selfridges Lucky Bag was launched this week and the inevitable frenzy happened! If they are still available I suggest you take a look here. You receive 5 hair and beauty products, a complete surprise, and 100 lucky people get a £150 Beauty Workshop voucher - fingers crossed!! Expecting mine to arrive today...

Girly nails - my pink and sparkly nails I did this week with China Glaze have received so many compliments! The ultimate in girly, they won't be for everyone but they have certainly cheered up a very cold and miserable week! In love.

Ainhoa CC Cream - only a matter of time before the next generation of BB creams arrives. Question - will the next be DD creams!? This one looks great though. Just launched, this Spanish brand has made its UK debut with a pop-up at St. Pancras if you happen to be passing through. This CC (colour correction) cream contains hylaronic acid (my fave ingredient EVER!) and is also SPF 25 which is fab. They have light and dark variations to suit most complexions. £31, check out all the info here


He-vage - men showing off more cleavage than us girls. Errrrrr NO! Even if you are as good looking as Ryan...

Vajazzles leading to rise in A&E admissions - I don't really get why girls bother with this, but it seems they do, and some are getting into tricky situations beautifying their foo-foo! Seriously though, it's wasting the NHS's time and money so don't do it or leave it to the experts if you really must!

More so-called 'beauty food' - I blogged a while ago about Beauty Candy which has come over from Asia and the unlikely belief that eating it could wipe away your wrinkles and make you look younger. Now, the fancy schmancy gym, bodyism, has launched Beauty Food for £70 - bargain! (sarcasm!)

Let me know what you think!



  1. Love the idea of the Lucky Bag - did you win the voucher? Also love the idea of a CC cream, not sure if it would work for an Indian skin tone though? I have the Bodyism Beauty Food - it's a tiny little bag for £70!!!!
    Ambarina -

    1. Well then it's definitely not worth the money!! Have you noticed any difference if your skin because of it though? Hopefully will get my lucky bags tomorrow so will let you know about the voucher, I have everything crossed xx

  2. Sooo tempted by the Selfridges bag, can't wait to see what you get!
    I hate he-vage too lol xx

    1. I'll let you know, I'm hoping to get home to my lucky bags tonight!! xx