Friday, 19 October 2012

What's Hot, What's Not

Your Friday treat! I know it's what you've been waiting for all week - What's Hot and Not!!! :-p


OPI SS13 collection - not available until March, but this little teaser shows the gorgeous colours for the next OPI range, called Euro Centrale. Loving blues at the moment and it looks as though next season will be full of them as well. Think my fave is Can't Find My Czechbook - what's yours?

Lancome Christmas Crackers - another beauty Xmas thing that I desperately want but can't afford. Sigh. Lancome launched their crackers this week containing mascara, Juicy Tubes, skincare, etc. I want I want I want!! But they cost £50 for six at Selfridges. Plus I don't think my Grandad would be too impressed with his gift at the Christmas table!

L'Occitane Scented Candles - three gorgeous looking candles which promise to burn for 45 hours and cost £25. I'm a huge fan of scented candles especially when we start approaching winter. Why haven't L'Occitane done this earlier?! There are three candles in the range - Relaxing Lavender, Gourmand Cherry Blossom and Romantic Pivoine Flora.


Brad Pitt for Chanel - one word CREEPY!

Losing my tan - no matter how much after sun I moisturise with :-( I really envy people who keep their tan for months after they return home. Any tips (except sunbeds) would be much appreciated

Old at 28 - a survey out this week stated we officially become 'old' at 28. I have less than two years of my youth left then! Rubbish!!

Let me know your thoughts on the week's news,


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