Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Indeed Labs Eysilix Launch

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Indeed Labs' latest product. I really like the Indeed Labs range. Having dry skin, Hydraluron is an absolute godsend! They also have a fine line cream and serum Nanoblur and Snoxin so, as they explained on the night, an eye cream was the next thing to tackle!

Called the Indeed House of Dreams, the event itself was weird and wonderful! As someone said it was like walking into Tim Burton's mind. Sweets everywhere, enormous chairs, cupcake girls, a walking box...this party had it all!

Yes that really is a box with legs!

Anyway, getting back to why we were all there. Eysilix is the name of their newly launched eye cream. Like all their products it is £24.99 which is obviously more expensive than most eye creams you'll find in Boots but if it delivers then it is definitely worth it. I'm never going to spend hundreds on an eye cream.

The team behind the Indeed Labs products had flown over from Toronto and explained the background further. The best advert perhaps for their product was their Marketing woman, Dia, who looked amazing! She mentioned she'd been in the business for over 20 years and practically the whole room gasped - what's her secret? Well hopefully the Indeed Labs range!

They also had their research team there and the scientists who had put it all together. They say Eysilix is the only eye cream available which has 10 different peptides to deliver results instantly. It lifts the eye area, reduces puffiness and darkness, and adds radiance. Happy days!

I can't wait to try it. I've always been conscious of my under-eye area and hate the creases I get when I smile. Hopefully this can give me a more youthful appearance! A full review will be posted very soon.

Now to the best part of the evening - sweets! Not good for my bikini diet right now but too hard to resist. Also great music from Jodie Harsh! Plus a wishing tree where 'beauty wishes comes true'...fingers crossed!!

A really great evening! Eysilix is available from Boots here.

Let me know if any of you have started trying it yet.



  1. wow this looks like an amazing event!! The outfits are super! haha glad you had a wicked time,


    1. It was great fun, glad you like the post! xx