Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Eve Taylor Balancing Toner

I've posted before on how I don't use toner, don't see the point, as previously it has just left my skin feeling stripped of any moisture.

However I had a facial a month or so ago where she actually persuaded me to embrace toner. Nowadays toners are much friendlier to skin and their purpose is to balance the ph of your skin after cleansing. Most of you probably already knew that - I'm a little late to this toner game. I had been suffering with breakouts, which for me is quite unusual, and she said a toner could actually help this by balancing the ph.

At the spa near me they have recently started using Eve Taylor products, who are owned by Dermalogica, but are much cheaper. The toner cost me £4.49! I'd never heard of them before, but the products are pretty much a more affordable professional skincare range.

One thing I really love about this toner, and probably why I decided to give it a go in the first place, is that it is so easy to use. You literally just spray it over your face after cleansing. No need for any cotton pads, no need to wash it off, just spray and go! Perfect for someone as lazy as me.

It feels really light and refreshing. Plus the rose in it makes it smell divine! Simply put your serum and moisturiser over the top. After using this for a week or so, my skin cleared up completely. It's an additional step in my skincare routine now, but it's so quick that it hasn't added any more time to it.

I'd really recommend this range, it's so cheap as well compared to other spa skincare ranges. I've almost finished the bottle, which is almost unheard of for me which goes to show how much I've been loving it!

Check it out at

I went for the Balancing toner but there is also Purifying and Soothing, depending on your skintype and skin concerns.

Give it a go!


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