Wednesday, 31 October 2012

By Terry Serum Terrybly Sunbooster

One of the newest products from By Terry, the Terrybly Sunbooster is a lightweight serum which gives you a natural glow all year round - perfect!

This 50ml tube has lasted me all summer, and with no summer holiday it was much-needed! I love being tanned, but I really can't be bothered a lot of the time with maintaining fake tan. Plus I never want to look orange! This serum gives you a very subtle glow by activating your natural melanin which you notice straight away.

It has a slight colour to it but it sinks into the skin without leaving any hint of colour. The tan appears gradually. As you'd expect from By Terry products, it is really lovely quality. Sinks into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling nicely hydrated. Being DHA free, it doesn't have any nasty chemicals either.

I think this would be a great product for winter as well as summer, when you don't want to look too pasty, but you don't want an obviously fake tan. Available from SpackNK, at £65 it is an investment purchase not for the fainthearted!!

See more information here


*PR sample

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Eve Taylor Balancing Toner

I've posted before on how I don't use toner, don't see the point, as previously it has just left my skin feeling stripped of any moisture.

However I had a facial a month or so ago where she actually persuaded me to embrace toner. Nowadays toners are much friendlier to skin and their purpose is to balance the ph of your skin after cleansing. Most of you probably already knew that - I'm a little late to this toner game. I had been suffering with breakouts, which for me is quite unusual, and she said a toner could actually help this by balancing the ph.

At the spa near me they have recently started using Eve Taylor products, who are owned by Dermalogica, but are much cheaper. The toner cost me £4.49! I'd never heard of them before, but the products are pretty much a more affordable professional skincare range.

One thing I really love about this toner, and probably why I decided to give it a go in the first place, is that it is so easy to use. You literally just spray it over your face after cleansing. No need for any cotton pads, no need to wash it off, just spray and go! Perfect for someone as lazy as me.

It feels really light and refreshing. Plus the rose in it makes it smell divine! Simply put your serum and moisturiser over the top. After using this for a week or so, my skin cleared up completely. It's an additional step in my skincare routine now, but it's so quick that it hasn't added any more time to it.

I'd really recommend this range, it's so cheap as well compared to other spa skincare ranges. I've almost finished the bottle, which is almost unheard of for me which goes to show how much I've been loving it!

Check it out at

I went for the Balancing toner but there is also Purifying and Soothing, depending on your skintype and skin concerns.

Give it a go!


Monday, 29 October 2012

NOTW: Barry M Silvery Lilac

After trying nude nails last week and, as much as I tried, they just didn't excite me. So this week I wanted sparkle!!

Barry M's silvery lilac is subtle but so so pretty. As the name suggests the colour is a purple tinged silver which shimmers between the two in the light.

You definitely need two coats of this polish, one isn't enough. Two gives a great, even finish. If you wanted more impact you could go for three. Because of the silver it also looks a bit metallic so this is a real chameleon polish!

I can't stop looking at it! If you want sparkle without it being too in your face, this is the colour for you. Many other nail brands have similar colours for this season but for £2.99 Barry M is always a bargain.

As it is a pale shimmer I'm also hoping it will last all week long because chips won't show. Perfect for a busy week!

Available online, Boots and Superdrug, only £2.99!


Friday, 19 October 2012

What's Hot, What's Not

Your Friday treat! I know it's what you've been waiting for all week - What's Hot and Not!!! :-p


OPI SS13 collection - not available until March, but this little teaser shows the gorgeous colours for the next OPI range, called Euro Centrale. Loving blues at the moment and it looks as though next season will be full of them as well. Think my fave is Can't Find My Czechbook - what's yours?

Lancome Christmas Crackers - another beauty Xmas thing that I desperately want but can't afford. Sigh. Lancome launched their crackers this week containing mascara, Juicy Tubes, skincare, etc. I want I want I want!! But they cost £50 for six at Selfridges. Plus I don't think my Grandad would be too impressed with his gift at the Christmas table!

L'Occitane Scented Candles - three gorgeous looking candles which promise to burn for 45 hours and cost £25. I'm a huge fan of scented candles especially when we start approaching winter. Why haven't L'Occitane done this earlier?! There are three candles in the range - Relaxing Lavender, Gourmand Cherry Blossom and Romantic Pivoine Flora.


Brad Pitt for Chanel - one word CREEPY!

Losing my tan - no matter how much after sun I moisturise with :-( I really envy people who keep their tan for months after they return home. Any tips (except sunbeds) would be much appreciated

Old at 28 - a survey out this week stated we officially become 'old' at 28. I have less than two years of my youth left then! Rubbish!!

Let me know your thoughts on the week's news,


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vaseline Limited Edition Pink Bubbly

This limited edition pot of Vaseline launched a while ago exclusively in Selfridges. So imagine my surprise to find it in Asda!

Only £3.49 it's a little bargain pot of heaven! Bringing two great loves of my life together - beauty and champagne - I had high hopes for this.

It didn't disappoint. A clear, subtle pale pink lip balm it obviously is a great quality balm coming from Vaseline. The smell is what I love the most though - it really does smell of pink champagne! I'm no wine connoisseur but I can detect hints of berries! YUM.

I'm glad they've added more stockists so more people can get their hands on this. Available at Superdrug, Boots and Asda as well as Selfridges now. The second ingredient after petroleum is wine extract although don't try to eat it!!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Holiday Disappointment - Gellish Manicure

I've just come back from a week in Turkey which was amazing, but I have to have a little moan about my gel manicure which I got to last the week (at least).

I decided to go for a Gellish mani so that I wouldn't have to worry about chips during the week. I plumped for a pretty bright orange polish to compliment a tan. Unfortunately I didn't take any pics, but within less than 24 hours some of the nails were lifting and peeling off.

Not happy. I've had a Shellac mani in New York before and it lasted over 2 weeks, so I assumed this would be the same.

I couldn't believe it! I tried to keep pushing it back down in the hope it would restick but no luck. In just a day I was down to 9 orange nails. It looked rubbish and I was so disappointed.

I don't think I'd have a gel mani again, but maybe it's just Gellish? Perhaps I should have stuck with the original Shellac.

Has anyone else had this happen? It obviously didn't ruin my holiday but was just really disappointing when I'd spent money on it.

Let me know your experience!


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Best Breast Cancer Buys

I think more than any other year, 2012 has seen the most special editions for Breast Cancer Awareness month. There are so many and all give different amounts to charity that I thought I would list my Top 5 'pink ribbon' beauty products this month that give the most to the cause.

1. Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Dream Powder Compact

This has to come top as ALL the money goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Priced at £55, that full amount goes straight to the charity. Estee Lauder don't take any cut at all so you get the gorgeous compact and a good conscience. Definitely my top recommendation for the month. Buy it here
2. QVC Show 17th October 6pm

QVC will be hosting a three hour show, including celebrity auctions, and all the proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Care. Make sure you tune in to this show on 17th October, starting from 6pm.

3. Elemis Think Pink Beauty Kit

Elemis is supporting Breast Cancer Care this month. They have pledged £10,000 towards the charity and designed this special kit featuring three of their hero skincare products in gorgeous pink bottles and a really pretty pink bag. £29.90 available here

4. Glamglow Cure Sexy Mask

Glamglow have created a special edition of their sea clay mask, called Cure Sexy. 25% of the their profits will go to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, not just for October but for all sales til the end of December. Still relatively unknown in the UK, this mask is suitable for all skintypes and is hailed as a '10 minute facial in a jar'. £49.99, available from Selfridges

5. Ciate Breakthrough Breast Cancer Duo

Ciate have created two new shades to go in this nail polish duo with 20% of each sale going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer (that's almost £4). There is a pink holographic glitter polish and shimmery pink shade inspired by their hero shades. You also get a free mani at the Selfridges Ciate pop up with every purchase. £18 available at, and

Let me know if you've bought any other great Breast Cancer Awareness products!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Indeed Labs Eysilix Launch

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Indeed Labs' latest product. I really like the Indeed Labs range. Having dry skin, Hydraluron is an absolute godsend! They also have a fine line cream and serum Nanoblur and Snoxin so, as they explained on the night, an eye cream was the next thing to tackle!

Called the Indeed House of Dreams, the event itself was weird and wonderful! As someone said it was like walking into Tim Burton's mind. Sweets everywhere, enormous chairs, cupcake girls, a walking box...this party had it all!

Yes that really is a box with legs!

Anyway, getting back to why we were all there. Eysilix is the name of their newly launched eye cream. Like all their products it is £24.99 which is obviously more expensive than most eye creams you'll find in Boots but if it delivers then it is definitely worth it. I'm never going to spend hundreds on an eye cream.

The team behind the Indeed Labs products had flown over from Toronto and explained the background further. The best advert perhaps for their product was their Marketing woman, Dia, who looked amazing! She mentioned she'd been in the business for over 20 years and practically the whole room gasped - what's her secret? Well hopefully the Indeed Labs range!

They also had their research team there and the scientists who had put it all together. They say Eysilix is the only eye cream available which has 10 different peptides to deliver results instantly. It lifts the eye area, reduces puffiness and darkness, and adds radiance. Happy days!

I can't wait to try it. I've always been conscious of my under-eye area and hate the creases I get when I smile. Hopefully this can give me a more youthful appearance! A full review will be posted very soon.

Now to the best part of the evening - sweets! Not good for my bikini diet right now but too hard to resist. Also great music from Jodie Harsh! Plus a wishing tree where 'beauty wishes comes true'...fingers crossed!!

A really great evening! Eysilix is available from Boots here.

Let me know if any of you have started trying it yet.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Pre-Holiday Essentials

I am off to Turkey for some much-needed sun on Sunday (5 sleeps to go!!) and in order to get my body in the best condition possible I've been using the following products:

Bio Oil - a classic but so good for making your skin look and feel amazing. It sinks in quickly, even helps with stretch marks so I've been applying it all over but mostly concentrating on my 'love handle' stretch marks which are usually hidden away. I've been putting this on every evening and definitely noticed a change in how soft and smooth my skin is.

Adonia Legtone - I'm a pear shape so my problem areas are my hips and thighs. I've been running but to help tone even further I've given Adonia Legtone a go which you put on morning and evening. It works in 9 minutes to firm and tone your problem areas.

I'm always slightly dubious about cellulite creams but my thighs don't seem so dimply. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now. The results may just be due to the added moisture this provides but it's a really nice cream that sinks straight in so you're not waiting around to get dressed. It's on my bedside table so I don't forget!

Germaine de Capuccini Tan Activator - I have quite fair skin but I do tan...after a while! As I'm only away for a week I need to make sure my skin starts tanning immediately! I've used Germaine de Capuccini Tan Activator for holidays before and I really love it. It is quite expensive (around £38 depending where you buy it) but I notice a real difference if I don't use it.

You put it on morning and evening 2 days before you go away and it prepares your skin by raising the melanin in your skin up to the surface so as soon as the sun hits you on your sunbed your skin starts to turn golden. If you want to maximise the tanning time you have on holiday I really recommend this.

Finally I've been exfoliating both face and body to get my skin in the very best condition. Looking forward to a proper Turkish bath though on my first day to get rid of all dead skin cells and achieve the most even gorgeous tan!!

What are your pre-holiday essentials?


Monday, 1 October 2012

NOTW: Nails Inc Baker Street with Bling!

Last week I went to the official launch of the Selfridges Beauty Workshop. With beautiful men dishing out Pinkberry and cocktails, it was a great event and the area was definitely buzzing. Glad I got there early as well as I headed straight to the Nails Inc Paint Shop for a manicure!

Dressed in Paint Shop overalls, the manicurists were accompanied by Nails Inc founder, Thea Green, who looked amazing.

I'm loving blues at the moment so I went for their bright Baker Street polish. They were also promoting their new Bling It On Rocks collection which includes both silver and black glitter. Many girls were having this on all their nails which looked very cool but I went for just my ring fingers in silver as the accent nails to the blue.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It's lasted really well so far. The polish has lasted better than the glitter as you would expect, but if you had the glitter pots at home you could refresh them.

Ignore how pale my hand is! The blue is really striking and I have never had an accent nail before...undecided about how I feel about it.

What do you think?