Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Selfridges Beauty Workshop

Guess where I was yesterday!?! I had heard a lot of good things from other beauty bloggers about the new Selfridges Beauty Workshop - a mecca of endless beauty brands and treatments for any beauty buff!

This is what greets you...a huge inflatable nails inc bottle - I just wanted to hug it! I did resist the temptation though.

The Beauty Workshop isn't just about products, there are a number of treatment areas from nails inc, blink, Hershesons and St Tropez. The Paint Shop was AMAZING, especially for a nail polish addict like me.

You can get your nails done but they also had every nail polish you can imagine. Of course they had Ciate's caviar manicure which you can only get online or at Selfridges, as well as the full range of  Ciate, Essie, Butter London, nails inc, Topshop and more! Bliss!! They can also incorporate nail art into your manicure - not at all on a WAH nail scale, but the lips look really cute.

The busiest area was by far the blink brow bar with people getting their eyebrows threaded and head massages. It would be a perfect lunchtime pamper!

As you can imagine you are able to get every type of beauty treatment you could possibly want. I loved this place. You have to walk through the beauty counters at the front of Selfridges, which I always find quite intimidating, but this area is by far more chilled.

With top beauty brands involved it's sure to be a hit, and I really loved how they had so many beauty brands. Selfridges say they have over 50 in their Beauty Workshop so it's great to discover new ones which you have never heard of.

The official launch party is this Thursday!! Get yourself down there.

Let me know if you've already been down and what you thought of it.


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