Monday, 24 September 2012

NOTW: MeMeMe Tenacious and Model's Own Dancing Queen

I've been playing some more with Model's Own new Mirrorball collection. This week I've given Dancing Queen a go, which is gold, blue and green sparkles of all different sizes and shapes.

To compliment the tones I went for MeMeMe's Tenacious which is a punchy teal colour. All MeMeMe nail polishes have a wide brush which makes applying the colour so quick and easy. I put on two coats of this but you could probably get away with just the one if you're short of time.

I really liked the sparkly tips I did last week so went for the same effect this time around. As before, you have to dab on the polish instead of painting it on but it's very easy to do. Don't overload the brush as there are a lot of sparkles in Dancing Queen so don't be too heavy handed! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Once the glitter had dried a bit I put a top coat over it all to seal it in and make it more durable. One downside is that the bigger bits of sparkle can stick up at the edges if they're not in the right position and so they have to be removed as they could catch on things. However most of the time it's fine.

Another really eye-catching effect, I've had a lot of compliments today!


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