Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Model's Own Mirrorball Collection

After falling completely head over heels in love with the Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix, I knew the new Mirrorball collection would be amazing.

The blingiest collection of nail polishes EVER! I had to have them. And I've had a lot of fun playing with them. There are 5 in the collection - Hot Stuff, Disco Inferno, Hayley's Comet, Boogie Nights and Dancing Queen.

I decided to try Hayley's Comet as blue, pink and purple sparkly tips. The glitter in all these polishes is a mixture of different sizes and colours which all compliment each other. I put this on top of Mememe's Generous which is a pale lilac and the sparkle really stands out. I'm in love!

As with all glitter polishes you have to dab the brush onto the nail rather than stroke it on to build up the effect, but this was really easy to do. I've had this on since Saturday and I have only just started to notice a couple of chips.

I also got my mum to model Disco Inferno as a layer over a deep green. The gold, bronze and green flecks are so pretty.

This is just one coat of Disco Inferno over two coats of the colour so you could build it up if you want to but I really like just one. None of these polishes can really be subtle!

I can't wait to try the others. Has anyone else bought these? Which is your fave?

Get them here before they all sell out!


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