Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sex & The City Sunset Deo Spray

I am a HUGE fan of Sex & The City. It's pretty much all I watched at uni. Second film not so much, but before then I thought it was brilliant.

And now HBO have just brought out Sex & The City Sunrise and Sunset body sprays and perfume, and I was kindly sent the body spray of the Sunset fragrance. To follow in the footsteps of the signature scent brought out last year, I think HBO has high hopes for these two additions.

Plus they were created by top perfumers Oliver Gillotin and Marypierre Julien so I had high hopes before I even smelt it!

They say that, "The Sunset deo spray aims to capture the soft and warm beauty of sundown reflected in the iconic skyline of New York City, featuring classic top notes of Blood Orange, Violet Leaves, Freesia and Green Apple that give the fragrance its feminine and floral bouquet." I am told the Sunrise fragrance is fresher and fruitier as you may expect a scent to be to evoke a sunrise.

I really like this fragrance. It's subtle, musky and feminine. I put it on in the mornings and it lasts all day. Every now and then you get a stronger whiff of the scent which is really soft and pretty. Not just an evening fragrance!

Available as a body spray or perfume, the body spray is only £5 (bargain!), available at


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