Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hot & Not

This week there seems to only be hot beauty news so no Not section today. I'm not going to put it in for the sake of it!


NARSskin - I couldn't be more excited about the news that NARS is launching its first skincare line in September. Not long to wait!! I believe they will only be available from the NARS website. Starting from £20 the range is very affordable. Exciting!!

Selfridges beauty box - to celebrate the new Beauty Workshop at Selfridges (which I mentioned last week) they are giving you the chance to have a special one-off beauty box. I'm not a big fan of beauty boxes, I haven't signed up to any but this one looks special. Available on Tuesday, expect this to be snapped up really quickly.

Benefit and Matthew Williamson - two of my faves are collaborating this London Fashion Week. Matthew Williamson is one of my favourite designers, his girly, very feminine and unique clothes appeal so much to me. And this year the experts at Benefit will be doing the make-up for his show at LFW. I can't wait to see what beauty trends come out for SS13.


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