Thursday, 26 July 2012

YSL Forever Youth Liberator

There is a new buzzword in beauty. Well it's new to me, to some I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but after watching the Horizon programme on 'The Truth on Looking Young' I learnt all about glycans.

To be honest the show was a bit of an advert for Unilever at first and then L'Oreal, which for the BBC was quite shocking. But it was exciting nonetheless. L'Oreal have been researching into glycans for decades, which are molecules in our skin which communicate messages, such as 'make more collagen'. They start to naturally break down as we get older, but L'Oreal claim they can reverse this. Not even delay it, reverse it!! So if you have signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, these can all be smoothed away.

Amazing right?! I'm naturally quite cynical but because the Horizon show was presented by a doctor and was very scientific in nature I admit I have fallen for it. And both me and my mum wanted to know what the range is and how we can get our hands on it!

It is the YSL (owned by L'Oreal) Forever Youth Liberator range which includes face cream, eye cream and serums. From £35 I was quite shocked that it isn't more...surely all the research that has gone into it, how revolutionary it is, plus how people will surely be fighting each other over it, you'd think it would be on a par with Creme de la Mer products. This makes me question the promises of the YSL range.

I'd be very keen to hear from people who have tried this. Go, try it, and report back! Maybe I am just being cynical and should embrace it...

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  1. I think i got some of the youth serum in the harrods glossybox. Will need to try it out now for sure!

    Elle xx

  2. I got a sample in my box too & purchased a couple more in blog sales. I really like it & the lady on the YSL counter said that its great as a primer too. So once i have used all my samples I will purchase the full size.

    1. OK you guys are making me definitely want to try it!! xx